#RT #Facebook Stats Mid 2015

1.49 Billion on Facebook This is simply an amazing number.  Here we are with almost 3 billion people online and half 50% use facebook.  50% of world doesn’t even use 1...

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#RT #Katch.me and Katch.me/ronorr to see my periscope replays

Katch.me save and download replays and more I started using Katch.me at almost midnight last night and it’s taking off for me.  It automatically saves and catches all of my...

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#RT #Periscope Vs. #Snapchat

Is Periscope Better Then Snapchat? How do these two compare.  Periscope is new on the scene and snapchat has a huge user database, and it’s really big with the younger...

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#RT #Meerkat Vs. #Periscope Live Stream Broadcasting

I just heard that Meerkat is now offering cameo's and has a wordpress plugin. Also I heard that they are going to allow cloud storage and since May Meerkat has been in touch with facebook about connecting to their API. At this time due to the fact that Periscope is owned by twitter and because twitter owns such a large 'live audience' they control this syndication and are able to control periscope success a lot.

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Compound Effect: CRM Follow Up System

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in compound effect

Follow Up CRM Sales Funnel System

CRM Follow Up Stats

As you can see from the main image of this blog post, most people will NOT follow up with leads, and will NOT follow up to ever have a chance to build relationships.  For many businesses with higher LTV (Lifetime Value of a Customer). It just makes sense to have a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.  This often includes at a minimum data with names, phone numbers and notes.  You may also want to have …

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Compound Effect: Build a Pipeline

Posted by on Jul 23, 2016 in compound effect

sales funnel pipeline for money

Build a Long-Term Pipeline

When you watch the video above you will notice that the person taking the time to build the pipeline doesn’t make sense at first, but over a long period of time it will start to make sense.  The plan is eventually have a system that works even if your health fades, and also if you want something more predictive that has most of the leverage.  The world has very disruptive technology these days, so it …

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Compound Effect Offline Vs. Online Systems

Posted by on Jul 22, 2016 in compound effect

Compound Effect Offline Vs. Online

Online and Offline Systems

When it comes to the Compound Effect it’s important to understand your time management, or time allocation, and priority on online and offline systems.  For example if you got 100 people to like your facebook page today and you consider that a lead, you could follow up, but what if you have 10 people who have told you this week that they want more information sent to them, or in the case of a real …

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