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Are you making two Minnesota house payments?sell as-is fast cash

Are you making two Minnesota house payments? Sell as-is fast cash

If you have two Minnesota house payments that you are making right now you are likely seeing a lot of your remaining savings to do so. if you moved out of state only one may be a Minnesota home payment.

This article is about any Minnesota homes that are vacant or that you are motivated to sell because you can’t keep making these double payments and wasting thousands of dollars.

Minnesota Homeowners end up with this problem a number of ways. One could be moving out of state for a job offer revocation, to move closer to relatives in another state.

Having a Minnesota house go into foreclosure, negotiating a short sale, problem tenant moved out, the house needs too much work to fix.

You may have inherited the house, or been stuck with a house from a death in the family.

You may have had too many bills add up and force you to downsize to something cheaper each month.

Another common situation is that your home isn’t set up for wheelchairs which the wider aisles and all of the handles etc.

You may have recently moved to a group home, assisted living or nursing home and this vacant home you left behind is eating into your remaining retirement.

Minnesota home sellers Many months of vacancy costs thousands of dollars

Sell fast now

After a few months of vacancy, if you choose not to rent it out and be a landlord you are likely to be desperate to get the home sold.

In many cases an investor can buy with cash, a home loan for a quick closing or buy on very favorable terms of the house doesn’t have much equity.

A house that needs a lot of fix up and repairs will likely need to sell at a bigger discount for cash or be cashed out.

If you don’t really mind leaving it vacant for months and have plenty of money to burn we may not be your best option, but if you are motivated and running out of options, time and money then we are likely a good fit for you.

We can also let you know what options you have for qualifying for another house if you have a recent bankruptcy, foreclosure or short sale situation.

A common situation is when an investor buys your house quickly with little hassle and at a big discount because your house needs a lot of repairs and isn’t that easy to sell on the market listed, or wouldn’t have any buyer options.

If any of the above situations sound like you feel free to click on the motivated Minnesota seller link on my website and review what type of situations we work with and then message me and let’s talk about your specific situation.

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