Sell My MN House Fast-We Buy Houses Cash Offer

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses Cash Offer

Sell My MN House Fast-We Buy Houses Cash Offer

Motivated Minnesota Home Seller

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses

If you are reading this article right now I assume that you identify as a motivated Minnesota home seller?

This article that you are reading is about helping you bridge the gap between your current problem and future solution.

By the end of the article you will have a chance to text me and reach out with any questions that you may have.

Right now you feel motivated because you want to release resistance of your split-energy of confusing & competing emotions in your current daily lifestyle environment where you are feeling limited freedom, but later after reading this article, you will be inspired to have alignment, also known as clarity, peace of mind and freedom, in your ideal desired future daily lifestyle of alignment.

Before we start this journey here today, I want to share with you that, it’s my goal to create a connection and bond with you, so that I can build trust.

This means I will bridge the gap through an alignment of emotions with examples of the feel, felt, found method.

This will show you that:

I relate to how you are feeling with your current problem because

I have felt similar with a problem in the past and

what I have found as a solution that worked for me, I believe will also work for you

One last quote before we walk through the 5 stages of this journey. I have found Seth Godin to be accurate with this following statement below and I want to break it down and explain it to you.

Because you may not yet know me, you may not yet believe me, and that’s understandable.

I want to move past the first step and show you how I can help you with this process of trusting one solution that I believe you will agree with by the end of reading this article.

You can look me up on Facebook, Ron Orr, and look at our mutual friends and ask your good friends to verify that I have a trustworthy reputation that you can believe.

The last step is that I help you align your emotions to the final one solution that you tell yourself that gives you clarity and peace of mind as you make your decision to text me.

Now let’s get started on this journey before you text me at my phone number below of your emotional alignment today, for your fast Minnesota home sale.

There are 5 stages of your emotions from beginning to end that we must work through together to get you clarity, so let’s review right now the 5 stages of emotions that you will be going through:

1. Completely Unaware

Before you were aware of your problem, you were probably too busy in survival mode, just trying to keep up with bills and running out of time and options, constantly exhausted and tired everyday.

Due to the awareness of your negative confusing split-emotions in your current lifestyle situation, you now know you have a real problem.

let’s look into your problem in more detail, in-depth, to better understand what the multiple problems are that you are currently experiencing.

I remember the feeling of this stage myself from my own experience, just being so busy from 2005-2008, day and night. In real estate the money was spent before I made it, no matter how hard I worked.

I would think that you feel similar to this right now, let’s look at the next step below

This next step is where I found that identifying the depth of my house problems was an important beginning step towards fully understanding the solution.

2. Problem Aware

First, let’s find out how many of the following housing problem situations below exactly describes yours.

You need to know how to sell your Minnesota home fast, as-is, any condition, with no repairs made, for a fair price, with no hassles, and no agents or REALTOR® as a private sale?

Behind on bank mortgage payments

Fixer handyman special house needs thousands of dollars in fixup, ugly, too many repairs, or condemned

Vacant home is costing you money

Deliquent property taxes or tax sale

Stop my foreclosure, or pre-foreclosure process

Can’t afford 2 payments each month

In probate due to a family death

Illness expenses or complications in the family

Stacking expensive medical bills

Inherited a house, was left to me

In the process of Divorce

Unemployed or laid off

Forced to Move to assisted living

Forced to Move to nursing home

Out-of-state or job relocation

Forced to Downsize for budget

Upsize immediately for growing family

Renter evictions or property damage

Need to sell my home with a tenant

Can’t refinance now due to credit or employment

Behind thousands of dollars on bills and student debt

Can’t qualify for a new home loan

Can’t afford my home and need help

Payments are too high

Mechanics liens

Bail bonds liens

Don’t know what to do

Don’t want it anymore

Don’t want to deal with it, must sell

Don’t Have Time

Can’t Maintain It Any More

Value Going Down

Bad Tenants


You are thinking Make Me An Offer

Got a Letter from Attorney

Upside down on the house price

Vacant and Never lived there

Owe tax liens

Major Fire, Water, or Mold damage

I know back in 2005-2008 I had a few of these housing problems before the housing crash of 2008 and I sure ran out of money and time quickly each month.

Im sure you feel that a lot of the above housing situations sound familiar, you can closely identify with them and they cause headaches emotionally don’t they?

Now I found that being aware a solution did exist was a very important next step, so let’s take a look into the solution to solve these problems for you.

3. Solution Aware

At this stage you’ve started to notice the we buy houses Minneapolis cash marketing by companies owned by real estate home investors, or the webuyhouses signs out on the busy local streets and you are now thinking, I sure wish someone would buy my house fast now because I’m sick of my housing situation and it’s giving me a headache.

You are a motivated Minnesota seller who must now sell your home quickly to an investor because the retail buyers are very hard to find due to low buyer demand, tight lending or high housing inventory competition from other motivated Minnesota homeowners like yourself, for a solution today, you have two main choices to start the conversation of negotiating on price and terms of your home’s offer in the next 72 hours:

Choose between selling:

a) for an upfront discounted cash now price, as in, cashing out your equity and paying your home loans off in full


b) choosing a higher cash later price, with owner seller financing, price and terms.

Trusted investors with decades of investing experience, collectively having locally bought over 500 homes with each of these offer types:

A) Cash purchase for rehab


B) Owner financing purchase to buy and hold.

1st option (All Cash):

An investor with all cash either has the money in the bank right now, a line of credit or borrows what’s called fast hard money. These do not include bank qualifying so they give you a fast sale of your home.

An house flipper rehab investor paying cash doesn’t want to keep money sunk into the property a long time just like you don’t, so the investor will usually plan on fixing up the property and flipping it for a quick resale, so that they can get their profit back out in a 4-6 months.

The cash purchase option usually is your best option for you, the motivated Minnesota home seller, when the home needs a lot of fix up work, or needs thousands of dollars to catch up late payments or property taxes.

The more money the investor needs to stick into the property the more likely an investor will want it out quickly and plan on offering you a lower cash price.

The conversation of negotiating price and terms can happen right away within 72 hours and usually the terms required by the investor are a quick inspection and getting clean title work done before closing at a title company.

For the offer price, generally a trusted experienced investor rehabber will want to buy at 50% of the ARV or 70% of ARV less repairs.

These are generally good formulas when selling within the twin cities. The further the house is out in a rural area, a septic tank, middle of nowhere, one or two bedroom, condo, foundation issues, no potential curb appeal, next to a railroad track or busy highway expect to sell at more of a duscount because these items make a home less marketable.

Below you will be given the chance to text me with your questions, so write down the phone number.

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses
Cash Price Offer

Let’s go over the math:

ARV stands for After Repair Value

That’s the price your Minnesota home would sell for all fixed up in excellent condition to reach full potential value in a reasonable amount of time when the investor sells the home. The investor will run a lot of comps in the area to determine what the ARV is and will also do estimates on repairs based on experience.

50% of ARV

$300,000 is the ARV and $175,000 is the purchase price, this is a guideline and not a hard and fast rule.

The rehab investor has a lot of fees including closing costs with the title company to buy and sell, often a marketing or wholesale fee, an agent fee to sell, interest costs while fixing the home, points on the loan at the time of closing, new parts on the property, hiring contractors, risk of any unforeseen circumstances, and more.

If everything goes amazing the investor makes an acceptable profit based on the risk involved.

The most popular investor formula is MAO (Maximum Allowable Offer)

The math is: 70% of ARV less repairs

$300,000 house x .70= $210,000

Less $35,000 in repairs = $175,000 purchase price to the seller

Please keep in mind that the rehab investor knows when negotiating that most

Motivated Minnesota Homeowners would normally have to pay 5%+ to a real estate agent, plus any mortgage payment costs if the home is vacant, plus any repair costs, staging, or anything to get the house into marketing condition.

Investors know a Minnesota motivated seller isn’t a general contractor and isn’t going to go through all of the work of hiring, managing and interviewing a bunch of contractors and have 50 people stomp through their home when they list it on the market with an agent worrying about covid-19 etc.

The investor may want the motivated Minnesota home seller to pay normal selling title fees. Remember it’s all part of the negotiations with the investor.

2nd option (Owner Financing):

As a motivated Minnesota home seller if you aren’t forcing the investor to come up with cash upfront at all then he/she can sometimes pay as much as full price for the home.

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses
Owner Financing
Price and Terms Offer

Let’s go over the math:

$300,000 value if excellent condition

$300,000 purchase price with owner financing

$0 upfront (1st choice)

0% interest on a free and clear home

Pay remaining amortization schedule

Deed to the property would be signed over in cases when there is underlying financing with a mortgage

The most trusted and experienced investors who buy with owner financing will always choose 0% interest on free and clear Minnesota homes before the other options with mortgages on the home. Investors want to pay 0% upfront.

Remember an investor has to put money into the Minnesota property to fix it, make the payments, find another buyer or renter, eventually pay an agent to list the home, possible vacancy holding costs of interest and the time it takes to find a new buyer or renter.

The investor buyer has risk and expenses to consider even after closing the transaction with you the motivated Minnesota home seller.

As a Motivated Minnesota home seller who has an underlying mortgage vs. free and clear you have fewer options available.

The more money you ask for upfront the fewer investor buyer prospects you will have to sell to

The higher interest rate you ask for upfront the fewer investor buyer prospects you will have to sell to

If the investor is taking over your fixed-interest rate mortgage, you as the motivated Minnesota home seller have fewer options than a Minnesota homeowner that sells free and clear. 33%+ of national homeowners own their house free and clear.

The terms of when the investor fully pays off your home loan is negotiable, but the longer you can wait the more investor buyers that will be in the market to buy your Minnesota home

3-10 years is usually the agreed upon payoff balloon date.

The top trusted investors prefer to buy on the highest level of ownership:

The top 1st level is:

You Sell ‘subject to’ -that is where the investor gets the deed signed over(not for free and clear homes) and the underlying financing stays in place until your Minnesota home loan paid off in full

2nd option

Sell on a wrap-around-mortgage

3rd option

Sell on a Minnesota contract for deed

4th option

Sell on a lease option

The further down the list of levels of options the fewer investor buyers available to you as the motivated Minnesota home seller. The 1st level is always far more preferred than the 4th level.

Minnesota Owner financing often works best with all Minnesota home sellers that don’t need all equity, cash upfront, or mn home loans paid off right away.

Also the mn homes sold with owner financing are generally in good condition and probably need less than $5000-$10,000 upfront for immediate problems such as: missed mortgage payments to stop foreclosure, fixup to make the home habitable, past due property taxes, or liens owed at the time of closing at the title company.

Mn Owner finance offers receive the best price when immediate money upfront IS NOT needed by the investor

It’s your decision between offers:

All cash = 50% of ARV

70% of ARV less repairs

Full price = 0% interest $0 upfront free and clear home owner financing

Subject to, contract for deed and lease option will be negotiated based on price and terms based on demand

I know at this stage I felt that I really had decide how soon I needed to sell and what price I was willing to sell at, and I’m sure you are feeling similar right now, so I found that this is the final stage of invalidating all other options and narrowing it down to your one choice, where you feel good about your one choice, so let’s answer some questions you may be thinking or haven’t thought to ask and remember to text me at the phone number below.

4. Product Aware

This step is about you comparing the different companies for your best solution amd peace of mind and me helping you narrow it down to one choice by telling you why the investors that I know are different than the new investors out there and we are the only choice.

I work with very experienced Minnesota investors that I’ve known for a very long time, so we really don’t have local competition:

Many other inexperienced Minnesota investors that you’ll run into on your own want to just tie up your MN property under contract and aren’t the actual buyer for your property. This can waste months and thousands of dollars.

Many new inexperienced Minnesota investors that you’ll find on your own have many contingencies in their Minnesota purchase agreement so that they can easily back out later on your Minnesota house sale because they aren’t confident in what they are doing, but trusted experienced Minnesota investors that I know don’t need to do that, which will save you from risking wasted months and thousands of your hard-earned dollars.

Many new inexperienced Minnesota investors will sign a purchase agreement at one price and wait maybe a month, or right before closing to try to renegotiate with you which is dishonest and frustrating for you. my solid trusted experienced Minnesota investors don’t play games with your time or money.

Many inexperienced Minnesota investors don’t put up non-refundable earnest money, so that they can back out later, but experience trusted Minnesota investors that I know, know what to pay and how to close on time.

Many new inexperienced Minnesota investors, straight out of a weekend seminar, will experiment with your Minnesota property and back out later on, contact my trusted Minnesota investors if you don’t want that inexperienced Minnesota investor experience.

Many new inexperienced Minnesota investors print a 2-page contract that they just found off of some unknown website that may not even apply to Minnesota and federal laws. I have trusted Minnesota investors that use standard agreements that are easy to understand, and should be Minnesota state approved.

Many new inexperienced Minnesota investors that you’ll find are looking for you as a potential first or second deal to attempt to close, but most trusted Minnesota investors I know can talk to you about specific recent deals that they have closed with success.

My Minnesota investors are able to talk specifics and have addresses to add credibility. My experienced trusted Minnesota investors can share recent positive testimonials.

Some of my trusted Minnesota investors as a bonus can provide A+ rated and BBB accredited info

My Minnesota investors can provide proof of funds with the lenders that they have used on deals in this past year

As a motivated Minnesota home seller you can ask for a higher cash price or more money upfront with owner financing, but keep in mind that your local Minnesota investor buyer pool will shrink a lot with the possibility of delaying a sale months of negotiating back and forth.

I’ve felt this stage before as you are likely feeling right now and you need to make a decision to move forward even if it’s just a first text to me at the phone number below.

5. Most Aware

By now you see that you have enough information to choose me as the obvious one option, and you should now have peace of mind and clarity to be able to make a decision.

We can guide you with a plan on the timing of how to get into your next place to live.

My Minnesota investor friends are always busy buying Minnesota homes, negotiating prices, terms and looking at homes in person throughout the week, so before texting me, you must be motivated, serious, reply back promptly the same day, and answer your phone.

I’ve felt where you are right now and what you are feeling and I found reaching out even by text at least helps start the conversation towards a solution.

Take a moment right now and text me with your thoughts on how some of this relates to your housing situation. Take action and start the process today.

You are just starting the conversation you have time to process your thoughts and emotions later just start the conversation to gain some new perspectives. You would agree that you need to do something correct?

Text Me here (612) 434-5606


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Sell My MN House Fast
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