#RT #Meerkat Vs. #Periscope Live Stream Broadcasting

Posted by on Jul 11, 2015 in meerkat, periscope

Meerkat Vs. Periscope Live Stream Broadcasting

I just heard that Meerkat is now offering cameo’s and has a wordpress plugin.  Also I heard that they are going to allow cloud storage and since May Meerkat has been in touch with facebook about connecting to their API. At this time due to the fact that Periscope is owned by twitter and because twitter owns such a large ‘live audience‘ they control this syndication and are able to control …

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#RT #Periscope vs. #Meerkat

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periscope vs. meerkat

Periscope vs. Meerkat who will be the winner?

It’s hard to say, but at the time of this blog post periscope clearly has more tweets going out on and it’s really not all that close.  I’d put Periscope at an average of 80,000 vs. 20,000 a day right now.  So many celebrities are starting to use periscope it’s going to start to gain more momentum.  We are now in a game of live broadcasts and getting people’s attention.  …

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#RT Is #Periscope better then #Meerkat?

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Periscope Vs. Meerkat

Is Periscope better then Meerkat?

At this point people are saying it is.  In my mind if far more people are using periscope it is.  To me trending and concepts with fast adoption rates are winners and in demand.  I like things that catch on quickly, grow quickly and are well loved by many people and have big market potential.  Based on if you do a search on #periscope or one on #meerkat or compare the two periscope is …

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