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Clubhouse: Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Posted by on Jan 20, 2021 in demand lifecycle

Clubhouse-Minnesota Real Estate Investors

Clubhouse Minnesota Real Estate Investors

The new app Clubhouse is hot starting into 2021. It’s only been really out there for a few weeks and many are talking about it.

It’s starting off only on the IOas iPhone in the App Store. Hopefully their is a development for Android sometime soon.

I had reserved my name and waited patiently about a week and a half until I got an invite and was able to get on. For the first few …

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Demand Lifecycle

Posted by on Jan 18, 2021 in demand lifecycle

Demand Lifecycle

Demand Lifecycle:

Lifestyle, Tech, Real Estate, Investing, Retirement

In today’s world with technology and inflation we are seeing different stages in the demand lifecycle.

With the covid-19 shut down starting in March of 2019 with the shutting of businesses we saw a huge disruption in most peoples lifestyle.

From remote work, remote school, no daycare for most. We see empty office space and shut down restaurants facing bankruptcy and over 110,000 shutting down going into 2021. Many choose to …

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