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How to Start my Minnesota Home Loan buying process conversation today on Facebook’s Messenger

How to Start my Minnesota Home Loan buying process conversation today on Facebook’s Messenger

You’ve read the blog posts, answered a lot of your questions and are prepared to provide some info like credit score, history and how much upfront to determine what monthly payment you can afford for a Minnesota home.

Before looking at homes in person and targeting a price in your searches you want to have a one-on-one conversation with a mortgage person to go over your unique scenario to know what you would qualify for and what answers you need to know once you know the questions being asked.

W-2 income for buying a Minnesota home

Be prepared to discuss w-2 or self-employed annual income, credit score , recent tax returns may be needed, bank statement info and more. Understanding your major expenses like rent, student debt, auto payments and credit cards is important, to determine your debt-to-income ratio.

You don’t have to have all the answers all in the moment, you can have s casual conversation on Facebook messenger on the Facebook page of your loan program when you are ready.

If you want to continue the conversation to email, text, phone or an online application you can do that as well. It’s about working with your timing, but getting a pre-approval amount comes from putting the package of all of this info together for the underwriter At the lender or bank.

Facebook messenger for buying a Minnesota home

Messenger is an easy communication technology because you can talk to the agent and mortgage person on a group chat even with a spouse or significant other.

The goal is to be comfortable, simple, easy, fun and look forward to buying a home of your dreams. You can also discuss your housing situation if you are motivated or need to sell first.

Messenger works because you can see related trends through the Facebook Sofia graph and no more phone tag, robocalls or worrying about caller ID and unrecognizable phone numbers. You can chat a few minutes at a time on messenger, it’s very flexible with your home and work schedule.

I want to you to know about the Minnesota contract for deed seller financing program



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