Sell my bitcoin to buy a Minnesota home

Posted by on Jan 3, 2021 in Bitcoin

Sell bitcoin to buy Minnesota home

Sell my bitcoin to buy a Minnesota home

At the time of writing this in the very early morning of Sunday January 3rd I am seeing bitcoin is closing in on $35,000 and was near $33,000 earlier to last night and $28,000 the day before.

Bitcoin is up 78.43% for the month

24.54% for the week

15.96% today so far

It’s exploding and the narrative is to be a hedge against hyperinflation into the future. The adoption rate is growing …

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Will bitcoin use all electricity by 2020?

Posted by on Nov 25, 2017 in Bitcoin

I read this article the other day with a similar headline. Does that make bitcoin very scalable in nature?

Below I will share some excerpts and a link to the article that inspired this video and post. It will shed light and give you a perspective of what the limitations are to scalability for bitcoin in the future from transactions per second if it were to be used as a currency , to the amount of electricity that it’s using.

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