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Sell my bitcoin to buy a Minnesota home

Sell my bitcoin to buy a Minnesota home

At the time of writing this in the very early morning of Sunday January 3rd I am seeing bitcoin is closing in on $35,000 and was near $33,000 earlier to last night and $28,000 the day before.

Bitcoin is up 78.43% for the month

24.54% for the week

15.96% today so far

It’s exploding and the narrative is to be a hedge against hyperinflation into the future. The adoption rate is growing very quickly. Everyone is tweeting and doing YouTube videos about it all day long.

10 hours ago I posted on Facebook that this decade, Bitcoin 9.591687 million% cumulative returns over the last decade

Some started off with only $5 in bitcoin other institutions are putting in $100,000.

There is a lot of inflation in assets and people are buying bitcoin for diversification, hedge and insurance for their future.

I heard 2 days ago if you bought $5 in bitcoin on 2010 that it would be worth $200,000.

This article is about those who put a lot of money into bitcoin and have seen amazing returns on their money and now have enough of a down payment to diversify even more and buy Minnesota real estate on at a good value for some tax advatanges, lifestyle advantages, or cash flow income stream advantage.

People are buying bitcoin through binance, PayPal, cashapp, counbase and many other ways. Bitcoin is mined and there are some transaction fees, it’s considered a store of value, but not a currency.

I’ve bought a little through the cashapp app and it’s very easy to do with a click, and PayPal was added recently in the past month which really opened up the market. Some claim they just don’t ever plan on selling.

Many people have a love and hate relationship with Bitcoin. Some fear hacks, some fear government regulation.

Pm the other side people believe the US dollar is eroded and bitcoin is decentralized and can’t easily be controlled by the government.

If you are reading this right now you probably have made a great return on bitcoin this week.

You may have made so much money in the last 3 months that you have enough money saved for a down payment on a Minnesota home now.

Bitcoin was just $10,000 about 3 months ago, and now near $35,000, so you sure could have enough to position yourself to buy a beautiful home.

There are a lot of videos on YouTube to learn about bitcoin wallets, cold storage, security, etc. coinmarketcap.comis a cool website to see how much momey is going into bitcoin.

Someone is posting that bitcoin went up $5000 in one day, its shooting up quickly.

With the speed bitcoin is going up, many will have a challenge selling any. When you are ready to sell your bitcoin and use it as a down payment, earnest money and money for reserves, inspection and appraisal than take a moment to read my article about buying a Minnesota contract for deed. You can also feel free to buy with financing through a bank.

But clicking on the buy a home article you will be able to get access to my cellphone number to ask questions and develop a plan on buying.

I know investors in Minnesota that I can introduce you to that can go over the program.

FHA financing through a bank may only take a 3.5% down payment and starting homes are near a price point of $300,000. A Minnesota Contract for Deed will require 10% down payment with the program that I can introduce you to.

Buying my Minnesota contract for deed with no banks and bad credit or self-employed

Contract for deed is a great seller financing method for you to buy a home. Our best concerting reason that people like you buy a contract for deed is that you are a business owner and self-employed and find that this type of income doesn’t easily fit into a box by a lender, so you will find it difficult to get a loan with a bank.

Some banks were allowing it with only 10% down and more hoops, but as soon as lenders tighten up those types of loans get tougher. They want higher credit scores, or money down.

The contract for deed we would introduce you to isn’t as dependent on credit. In fact if you make solid income it’s possible even with a past bankruptcy, foreclosure, short sale, or loan modification in the past that the investor will still let you choose a house in the 7 County twin cities area then buy it and sell the house back to you.

With the contract for deed program it’s for owner occupied and meant for you to live in the property. It’s not meant for non owner occupied.

You can expect to see a rise in price and interest rate, so that the investor can make some profit. This is a very popular program and I go into detail with the Minnesota contract for deed link click here

Again keep in mind that there is no need for you to use a bank for the closing Dan happen In a couple weeks and so much less paperwork.

If you are going to look into househwviimg with a duplex, triplex or four plex where you will live in the property we could see if the investor has interest in buying something bigger than in a housing knowing that you’ll have rental income. Let’s explore house hacking as a strategy in the next section.

Buying my Minnesota home or property for lifestyle or income streams with bank financing.

Bitcoin isn’t getting you income streams for lifestyle like house hacking can.

House hacking and make your lifestyle more efficient by using this strategy of multiple streams of income. It’s also all about cash flow and diversifying.

Let’s review how house hacking can work for you:

The reason it’s called a hack, is meant as a shortcut. A short cut because most lenders want a 20% down payment to buy an investment property and often 2 years of income and 20% down payment again before buying another.

This is a very slow path to acquire properties because you have to keep saving $75,000 each time that you want to invest, which takes awhile for people, unless maybe you got into bitcoin last month 🙂

So the lenders allow up to a 4 unit, (four plex), this includes triplex, duplex and single family. They say 4 units or less are considered residential.

Residential loan terms allow for only 3.5% traditionally through FHA backed lender financing.

You will agree only 3.5% down payment to buy a home is a pretty easy barrier to entry.

That’s about 3 months of holding bitcoin to earn it the way bitcoin has been growing :-). Bitcoin went up well over 300% on 2020.

So now you are getting in pretty easy, bit it gets better. You live in one unit and collect rental income on the 3 other units.

It gets even better though, you can rent them out to Airbnb vs. long-term rentals for even 2-3 times as much income, it’s a little extra work with Airbnb, but many claim not much. Airbnb will be vacant more of the time.

It gets even better as their is a universal tax exclusion which allows you to own your own property for 2 of the last 5 years to defer your taxes after the sale.

Google it $250,000 for single and $500,000 married I believe is where it’s at with the current numbers.

I don’t want to offer tax advice, please talk to a tax accountant or CPA and learn from them about tax guidelines.

The income off of the other 3 units really can enhance your lifestyle and allow you to work part-time or work from home. This is a strategy that suprisingly many Minnesota home buyers don’t know of or utilize.

Investors do buy four plexes as an investment and don’t live in the property , but some may take a decade to save up the down payment.

The other thing about house hacking and renting out other units I would say is that you get to reduce the risk when using leverage. When using leverage with bitcoin or using leverage and margin in stocks can have a lot of downsize risk. There is leverage in real estate and downside risk, but you are renting out the other units at a pretty common rent point.

Take a moment to read one of the home buying articles and get an idea of common questions that you may ask when you text me.

Bitcoin is going up a lot right now, but it still doesn’t have cash flow or upside leverage generally speaking like rental real estate.

Real estate will require a little more time to manage, but you can factor in money to pay contractors and also pay for a property management company.

Bitcoin has quite a big community online through bitcoin, Facebook its very online. Real estate’s community is also online in BRRRR Facebook group and bigger pockets.

I really think the great thing about real estate vs. bitcoin is that there are so many in-person real estate REIA groups to hang out. It’s great to share knowledge, add value and learn extra fast. MNREIA MNREC and TWINREIA are 3 that you will see me hang out at.

MNREIA is run by my friend since November 2002 Mike Jacka, who’s been in the real estate business for decades.

MNREC run by Anthony Verch and Cassie Verch who have been in the real estate business since about 2015.

TWINREIA run by Glenn Williams who I’ve known since 2003/2004 who’s big into rehabbing.

There is a lot to learn about investing in real estate, plenty of books, seminars, podcasts, etc.

Appreciation, Tax write-offs, cash flow, and principle pay down on the home loan are the main reasons that people invest in real estate.

You could write an entire chapter on each of these 4 subjects to really understand them in depth.

You can’t always count on appreciation as there are up and down cycles in real estate. Cash flow is my favorite all of them.

There are plenty of mistakes that you can make in real estate, this is why I recommend reach out and texting me.

After you text there will be a process of understanding the big picture, asking questions, exploring options, getting pre-approved, meeting in person, looking at homes and writing up home offers.

It’s a journey and a process just take your time and don’t feel rushed and also get updates by email of what properties are out there that you can consider to buy.


Thank you for taking the time to read my article about buying a Minnesota home now that you’ve sold your bitcoin based on some amazing returns when you are now ready for cash flow, safety and multiple income streams.

I look forward to hearing back from you some day soon, so that we can talk about your future and all of the fun that you are going to have. Remember you can still keep investing in bitcoin.

You can invest some if your cash flow, or pull out Some of your equity from your home through a home equity loan of credit.

When you do the equity line that is a bit more risky with leverage so you’ll have to see how much risk you want in your future.

There is an exciting future with other crypto clubs as well as the blockchain which is expected to keep growing through the network effects. More and more people these days want to get paid through bitcoin.

This can change based on your networth, knowledge level, she, of you have a family to feed.

The information above is meant as education and not meant for investment advice.

Please do your own research.

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How to find creative real estate investors near me

Just look up your local REIA or real estate investors association or rich dad poor dad cash flow 101 board game

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my house as-is fast cash offer.”

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