My Video blog strategy for my real estate investing marketing

Posted by on Sep 16, 2018 in Video

My Video Blog Strategy for my Real Estate investing marketing

Let me show you in this article specifically on the blog how I connected a video and blog strategy together.

For example I will use the video app on my phone to create a 1 minute video that works well with all social networks.

Then I will give a headline overlay for copywriting purposes because it gets more clicks with the headline according to my data because it helps …

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B2B Marketing, SEO, Traffic, Social Media, Subscribers, Video, Network

Posted by on Dec 2, 2017 in Seo, Video

In this video I’m out for a daily walk and I discuss a lot of different business ideas for B2B networking with investors, real estate experts and I discuss some tech.

I discuss the advantages of taking the time to build great relationships and networking locally. I’ve been fortunate to be online since 1995, self-employed since 2001, and be in real estate since 2002.

This video is over 30 minutes long and I discuss a lot of different ideas on …

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Why I invest in SEO, Video & Social Media

Posted by on Nov 28, 2017 in Seo, Social media, Video

I decided to create a longer video of why I like to invest in SEO, Video, and social media. In the video I give a few examples about what I like or don’t like about Facebook and Instagram. I provide in simple terms why this is a good long-term strategy to focus on these 3 with well over a decade of sustainability.

SEO is great because it has recurring traffic but also reinforces itself with each backlinks and good piece …

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