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Why I invest in SEO, Video & Social Media

I decided to create a longer video of why I like to invest in SEO, Video, and social media. In the video I give a few examples about what I like or don’t like about Facebook and Instagram. I provide in simple terms why this is a good long-term strategy to focus on these 3 with well over a decade of sustainability.

SEO is great because it has recurring traffic but also reinforces itself with each backlinks and good piece of content. There are basics to SEO but also expert level stuff to learn. I focus on making sure my videos rank and to focus on good keyword rich headlines.

Long Tail keyword phrases are very relevant and are easy to rank. I prefer to create many of them and use it for Facebook headlines as well as on YouTube video headlines.

Videos are the future and they are a great way to build relationships, especially when you do longer videos which not everyone does. I create specific links that go in my blog post for the major social networks that I upload to.

I upload to YouTube, linkedin, if it’s under 10 minutes long, and also Facebook. My periscope videos end up on twitter for great SEO purposes.

Enjoy the video and watch how I do the set up of these and then just be consistent with it so that the traffic builds up and the subscribers.

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