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Minnesota Home Sale: Problems Vs. Solutions

Posted by on Dec 30, 2020 in minnesota home seller

Mn home seller problem vs. seller

Problem Vs. Solution Focus Minnesota Home Sale

When it comes to your Minnesota home that you own, you are either motivated or inspired to sell you will either be in a habitual emotional cycle of negative emotions based on a large list of problems from the past, or you will have positive inspired emotions towards the future and a solution focus.

Through this article my intent is for you to self-identify with any of the negative emotions that you are …

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MN Home Seller: Past, Present, Future

Posted by on Dec 29, 2020 in minnesota home seller

Minnesota home seller memories past present future

Here you are a Minnesota Homeowner considering selling your home deciding between listing your home, or just selling quick to a Minnesota Investor.

Based on your timeline and options, will determine what kind of price you will get for your home. My goal is to offer you a home selling article with my contact info and personal cell phone number that you can reach at the end of the article that’s linked in this article.

What a decision and journey …

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MN home values based on a selling environment supplied with 3.7% unemployment and 100% financing 500ish credit score programs

Posted by on Sep 19, 2019 in minnesota home seller

Selling Minnesota home at the top of the market

If you are thinking of selling your Minnesota home at the the top of the market and wondering what the market will be like years from now let me get you to think about this a little.

You would agree that you can sell your minnesota home for more when there is a high demand of buyers, and when I say buyers I mean pre-approved buyers who banks will lend to. …

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