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Millions of motivated mn home seller questions and millions in money

Posted by on Jul 4, 2020 in Motivated seller

Motivated Minnesota home seller questions search cash offer

Millions of Minnesota home seller questions

What I’ve learned about SEO (search engine optimization) and google searches over the years is that depending on how many years you go back, 15%-50% of search queries on google have NEVER been searched or asked of google, that’s a pretty high number and speaks to how long and unique our questions are.

Also I started to study the long tail audio book on CD’s in about 2008 and then early 2020 I listened …

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Sell My MN House Fast-We Buy Houses Cash Offer

Posted by on Jun 11, 2020 in Motivated seller

Motivated Minnesota Home Seller

Sell My MN House Fast
We Buy Houses

If you are reading this article right now I assume that you identify as a motivated Minnesota home seller?

This article that you are reading is about helping you bridge the gap between your current problem and future solution.

By the end of the article you will have a chance to text me and reach out with any questions that you may have.

Right now you feel motivated because you want …

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Is your Minnesota house in probate, making you very motivated to sell?

Posted by on Aug 31, 2019 in Motivated seller

Minnesota home in probate

Talking to others that have helped motivated sellers with probate situations where there was a will and a death in the family. Typically it’s an aging parent or grandparent who has died.

The process can be shorter or longer depending on the complexity. Often the person dealing with the house isn’t thinking about the word will or probate much. They may be thinking of the word court or attorney as they follow up with the process.…

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