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Trapped equity? Sell your Minnesota home fast as-is

Trapped equity? Sell your Minnesota home fast as-is

You have a house right here in Minnesota and it may even be vacant, failed to sell on the market, or you have wanted to sell it for far too long.

Now you are truly motivated to sell because you have some equity that you are desperately waiting to get out of the house, so that you’ll have a down payment for your next purchase.

Right now your money feels stuck in the house and it hasn’t been easy to get out of the house.

If your Minnesota house needs a lot of work or repairs and wouldn’t show well on the market then you may now have bad credit and can’t easily get a home equity line of credit, so without getting it fixed up with what the local market expects you can’t sell it for more any time soon.

You are simply running out of options and you want to avoid more months of vacancies, or any missed payments or foreclosure.

If your credit isn’t good, or you are self-employed a bank loan can make qualifying for a Minnesota home you’d like to live in difficult.

But if you are able to get out some equity from a sale for easily walking away from the house than you would finally have a down payment to possibly buy on a contract for deed without a bank.

Don’t get stuck with an illiquid situation where you can’t access your equity and you feel like you are locked out from what you really want.

Let’s help you get the place sold no matter what condition it’s in, but only if you are truly motivated to sell at a discount and get it sold soon, even to an experienced investor.

We can wait until you try to rent it out for a few months or if you are finally tired of all of the wasted money of a few months of vacancies and the drain on your checking and savings accounts.

Don’t wait until it’s too late, please click the Minnesota motivated seller link on my website and text me and we can see if we can help.



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