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Starting the Minnesota Home Loan process with an online application is easy

Posted by on Nov 19, 2019 in home loan

Here you are with a down payment in hand and you are looking to start the Minnesota home loan process, so that you can start comparing interest rates.

You are ready to see what you qualify for with your credit score as you are likely deciding among VA, FHA, USDA possibly conventional.

The good news is I know a great person who gets 485 credit scores done for VA loans and FHA can even be done with 580+ credit score. …

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Don’t let the paperwork confuse you for a Minnesota home loan pre-approval

Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in home loan

When it comes time to move forward on your Minnesota home loan pre-approval process and you’ve already filled out the online app be prepared to locate your paperwork.

Before you do make sure to communicate with your mortgage person when you feel stuck and understand that they need the paperwork to send into the underwriter at the lender to help get you pre-approved. Not everyone is putting 20% down and has a 750 credit score.

The more your score is …

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Over communicate when getting pre-approved for a Minnesota home pre-approval

Posted by on Oct 22, 2019 in home loan

When you are communicating with a mortgage broker it’s important that you communicate your unique situation.

This includes housing, moving timeline, credit, financial, savings and others involved. You won’t see a person over communicate they always under communicate.

As a home buyer ask why does it matter or does it matter when you have questions. I see a lot of prospects get hung up for months and quit communicating for over a month or feel stuck because they have mental …

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