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How to be ready to buy your own Minnesota Home this week

How to be ready to buy your own Minnesota home this week

When I hear of buyers applying for a Minnesota home, so that they can get pre-approved and quickly start looking at Minnesota houses for sale online I look at what could help others be more prepared ahead of time.

The answer, I find, is really for people to be organized with their personal financial paperwork and to have easy access to a lot of that specific financial paperwork.

This includes bank statements, 2 years of recent taxes, w2’s, pay stubs, other bills that you pay, proof of rent paid on time, etc. The lenders will want to see this information before they can decide to pre-approve you.

Your credit, employment and the monthly payment are very important in the overall approval process.

Minnesota home loan qualifying process for buying

A Minnesota loan person has to prepare your package of Financial documents for an underwriter and the more complete the full package is the better.

If you have disability, child support income or any other extra side income, they need to know that.

The lender wants your full picture of your financial situation from monthly bills to income so that they can calculate your debt-to-income ratio. Award letters for VA loans are also needed.

The lender likes to see spouses or any other additional people applying on the loan with you upfront to add in the additional credit score. This is needed to show extra income to be able to afford a more expensive house.

Be able to login online to accounts when needed, have account #s handy, and be able to print and fax documents when possible.

Most mortgage brokers will shop available programs and competitive interest rates for you to find you the best value.

If you aren’t yet ready to reach out keep saving your money for a down payment and for reserves. Also pay your bills on time and pay down your balances to increase your credit score.

Minnesota Home Loan Qualifying Communication Messaging for buying

A lot can be communicated through messenger and email and when you are ready to discuss by text or phone than you reach out.

Don’t feel like you need to have all of the info upfront, or all of the answers. Just start the conversation and get to know what is needed to understand the full loan process upfront first, it will give your mind clarity.

Most of this preparation is important paperwork and before any pre-approval can officially can be provided to you so that you can show to Minnesota home sellers and Minnesota agents.

The pre-approval amount is needed to know how much of a home that you can afford, so that you know what to search for on pricing online as well as needing that pre-approval letter when you make your offers on Minnesota homes that you see and you decide to buy.

After your Minnesota home offer gets accepted, remember that the lender has a lot of your information already so you should be more prepared and the process should go smoother.

Reach out to me by text after reading some articles and let’s see how I can direct you towards the right people.

I look forward to hearing from you soon

If you are not able to get financing look into a Minnesota contract for deed here



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