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My lower credit score likely is NOT stopping me from buying a Minnesota home today

Easy qualifying for a Minnesota home loan when buying

When it comes to late 2019, home loans in Minnesota have some pretty easy qualifying these days.

Not only are there two popular 100% phone loan programs with little out of pocket, but the credit score requirements are pretty easy.

Let’s just say as your credit score goes up from 620 to 720 generally you will have more options for loans, maybe less down and lenders are quicker to approve the loans and you could probably save a little money on interest rates.

If your crest score is below a 600 credit score ad you are reading this right now let’s go over a few options and how credit score plays a part in the home loan process in Minnesota.

A 580+ credit score will get you into a fha loan with 3.5% upfront available. Plan on closing costs which you may finance into the loan and money upfront for an inspection and a home appraisal.

If you have a 550 to 579 score or don’t have 3.5% down you may want to consider a USDA 100+ home loan here in Minnesota.

Different Minnesota home loan programs when buying

The USDA program WILL require having NO collections or for you to PAY off your past collections to get approved

(Excluding medical collections).

The USDA program is for living just outside the Twin Cities like:

Buffalo, Big Lake, Monticello, Zimmerman, Delano, Isanti, Cambridge, North Branch, Lidstrom, Annandale, Stacy, North of East Bethel, West of Mound, South of Lakeville.

If you have a 570 score or are close we could maybe do a rescore by paying down a couple of easy credit cards to boost your credit score quickly.

If you have below a 550 credit score you can go with a VA loan 100% currently any credit score for:

Do you have a DD214 form?

-Air Force

-National Guard




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If you have below a 550 score and can’t qualify for VA you can work with a credit coach who will help you out, here are the details:

Home Ownership Credit Coach Program

-Increase Your Credit Score

-Manage Credit Effectively

-Deal With Creditors

-Save on High Interest Rates

-Prevent More Collections

-Prevent Liens & Levies

-Prevent Wage-Garnishment

-Prevent Denials of jobs, credit, housing

-Get the collection calls to stop

-Set Up Payment Arrangements

-Fix Credit Report Errors

-Fix Items from Identity Theft

-Fix Items from a Divorce

-Current or Past Bankruptcy

-Current or Past Foreclosure

-Current or Past Short Sale

-Current or Past Loan Modifications

-Easy Follow Up Communication Required

So as you can see the credit score requirements for applying for a home loan are very easy these days, so act now:

Click the motivated buyer link on my website, review the details of the programs, then message me when the timing is right.



Learn about the Minnesota contract for deed owner financing program here

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