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Online application vs. talking privately 1 on 1 on the phone buying a Minnesota Home Loan Process

Online application vs. talking privately 1 on 1 on the phone buying a Minnesota Home Loan Process

You don’t need to call on the phone right away to start the Minnesota home Loan process. In fact I’ve seen people get paperwork over digitally, upload talk live on messenger and get a pre-approval online without really needing to use the phone.

The lenders really just want to have basic info such as w-2’s, bank statements, and employment info. Much of the info will he filled out through a private online form and the rest of what you are comfortable with through messenger.

Some people eventually like to talk privately by phone, but when you have a busy life with a lot going on talking little by little through messenger can be remote and flexible and easy.

It’s not uncommon for people to get some info casually over a few weeks through a messenger conversation vs. a long in-person meeting or a few long phone calls. People are busy and we know you appreciate the convenience of being able to do the majority of it online including a cool app to search for beautiful home photos.

Once I hear from you on messenger with a live chat let me know that you want to see that app and I’ll talk to someone and we will get you the free download link.

Searching online for my Minnesota home to buy today

Searching through the homes too soon will only leave you frustrated if you don’t first find out how much you can get pre-approved for so that you can choose s reasonable type of home and city to live in.

It’s easier to multi-task or casually do messenger when you have tv or other things going on in the background so feel free to reach out anytime and let’s see where you are at with your housing situation, buying or selling.

Spouses can be added to the chat and you can check it remote on your phone from work, home at a park or anywhere that’s convenient.

I look forward to hearing from you on messenger live to chat

A Minnesota contract for deed option exists without banks



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