Would you force your 8 year old daughter to co-sign your MN home loan?

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Us national debt mn home sale

The information below is not meant for investment advice please do your own research for your future retirement.

The national debt at the end of 2020 is over $27 trillion, unfunded government liabilities like social securities, pensions and more are estimated at over $200 trillion dollars. Global debt is now at $277 trillion dollars. Debt is 365% of world GDP

The US dollar is being devalued daily. What do you think is happening with this run away debt in America. …

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Pay down debt so your family has cash flow for free time

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Pay down debt so your family has cash flow for free time

The end goal is to have free time with your family and positive cash flow provides that.

How and where this positive cash flow comes from can differ. The reason that you are reading this now is that you want more free time with your family, but you haven’t built up enough monthly positive cash flow to offset your recurring monthly debt.

In the real estate business world …

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