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MN RE investors Pay down your debt, give your family cash flow & free time

MN Real investors Pay down your debt, give your family cash flow & free time

The end goal is to have free time with your family and positive cash flow provides that.

How and where this positive cash flow comes from can differ. The reason that you are reading this now is that you want more free time with your family, but you haven’t built up enough monthly positive cash flow to offset your recurring monthly debt.

In the real estate business world this can come in the form of buying a duplex and renting out one half to allow you a living environment that cost very little for you and your family.

Minnesota Real Estate Investing

Airbnb cash flow

You could rent out your home or rooms with Airbnb and make some cash flow that way.

You could buy a home with an extra big garage or basement and run a business out of your home

There are many business models holding you back from positive cash flow for free time with your family with traveling and sunny vacations and going to your favorite local spots on a warm sunny day.

Now that we’ve identified your end goal of how you need to get to that positive cash flow let’s talk about how you don’t own a home yet to get to the positive cash flow because of your burden of debt and negative cash flow.

I see people continue to go looking for a place to rent and fill out applications and waste time driving all over town only to be turned down because of a poor credit history.

A real estate agent told me last week that he heard that 86% of people can’t qualify for a home mortgage.

There are many reasons for this from too low of a credit score, to recent foreclosure, recent bankruptcy or a short sale. Other reasons are back child support, taxes aren’t up to date, precious judgments or liens in their name.

To get to that free time with your family you have to clean up the past of your credit score and history.

Here’s what I know from thousands of incoming leads, almost everyone needs help with this, but few will emotionally and mentally feel ready to start to improve the situation.

The solution starts with a strategy of paying down balances on credit cards, showing that you can manage your current debt obligations, and having available credit.

You also need coaching on what to do with past Debts as depending on the age, collections or going late on payments all of that can make a huge difference on making the right decision or the wrong decision. Now the next coal is to sign up to credit coaching or enrollment into the credit program.

But here’s what I know about most of you, most will delay this process due to embarrassment, or you don’t have the money to enroll now, or you need to talk to your significant other before signing up.

MN Real Estate Investing You may feel super busy

You feel super busy on a treadmill trying to keep up, but that’s just it, you need to cut costs somewhere in your life to save a little bit through minimal positive cash flow so that you can enroll into a credit repair program that can look at your whole budgeting situation if and give you real life strategies that work.

You don’t solve these problems by avoiding them, or leaving this article and not coming back. Save this article for when you are ready. Deep down you know the real solution and you know that we are the next communication to get to that solution.

Here’s what you need to do next, either save this contact info for when you are ready for the next step or contact me

through direct message on Instagram or messenger on Facebook.

We will be following up with you through text, calling, voicemail, and email. We don’t want to chase you for months if you aren’t actually emotionally and mentally ready.

Take some time to fully digest your challenges, I’m not here to sell you, you are selling yourself no matter how many months or years that takes.

Again remember we are here to reach your goal of free time with your family and buying a house and qualifying by increasing your credit history, but first you have to take one step at a time.

This is a journey and we are here for you.

direct message me on Instagram or messenger on Facebook.


Ron Orr

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