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SELL my MN house as-is in poor condition fast for cash

Posted by on May 15, 2021 in fix and flip, Uncategorized

Sell mn house as-is fast poor condition cash

So your house is in really bad poor condition and you need to sell it as-is fast for cash

Let me describe your house and your housing situation, just so I know that we are in alignment on the same page.

Your property may be condemned, dilapidated, in other words… it’s a real fixer upper. Your house may be vacant, abandoned, or trashed from renters over the years, it may be just falling apart.

It often needs …

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Buy fix and flip properties for cash profits fast

Posted by on Mar 24, 2020 in fix and flip

Buy fix and flip properties for cash profits fast

Are you ready to take action and get ready buying fix and flip homes for a profit right here locally in Minnesota?

I have investor friends who have done 20-60 fix and flip homes and have made many mistakes, which include losing lots of money, like thousands of dollars over the years and these investors, who are now experts, can teach you how to do the process right and create the …

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