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SELL my MN house as-is in poor condition fast for cash

So your house is in really bad poor condition and you need to sell it as-is fast for cash

Let me describe your house and your housing situation, just so I know that we are in alignment on the same page.

Your property may be condemned, dilapidated, in other words… it’s a real fixer upper. Your house may be vacant, abandoned, or trashed from renters over the years, it may be just falling apart.

It often needs a lot of work because it’s an old house that’s outdated and may have orange shag carpet or wood paneling, or a scary dungeon basement.

You need a buyer who won’t have any inspection contingencies, won’t make you go through the hassle of fixing your house up. You want to lea e the piles of clutter, junk and don’t want to go through the hard work of filling a huge dumpster.I

It would be too much of an inconvenience and be overwhelming to you. You don’t want upfront costa, or to track a bunch of tire kickers and low ball offer investors through the house.

You just want to sell your property as-is with no inspection and for the process to be super east to give you peace of mind, so that you can sleep at night.

You want to leave it and no what doesn’t need to be fixed when selling. No upfront costs, no staging. You know that you aren’t fixing the repairs and you fear and think to yourself “is there a buyer or contractor near me.” To deal with all of my house headaches.

You don’t want to deal with all of the high costly expensive bids of contractors that you have to babysit, supervise and write big checks to upfront on their big bids, including dragging multiple contractors through your property to try to get the best bid, only to hope that the one that you choose doesnt run off with your hard-earned money.

Your Minnesota house fast selling solution…

and what you really want is an experienced trusted investor buyer to come into your property and give you a cash offer that doesn’t require a bank and you show up in a week or two with a check.

If you need more time to move out they can push back your closing date and be flexible.

Be done with your property, get peace of mind, sleep well again, smile again, no more stress on yourself or your family.

I typically reach someone like you right here because you searches how to sell my Minnesota house in poor condition fast, or something similar. It’s what you are thinking, so I meet you where you are at.

I also have one or two investors that I know that are mostly likely the perfect buyer for your property if the location and price make sense and you both match and align. My investor associate that I know personally is in the business of fixing homes and then selling them for a profit.

Sometimes after you sell your property and we focus on solving that problem to give you peace of mind you get to know the investor and some of our other investors and kind of get to see how they get to travel with some freedom based on the cash flow that they make from their properties that they own.

They get to travel to the ocean, soak up the sun, feel the warm breeze of the wind in their hair.

I want that for you as well. I want you to stay in contact with these investors long after they solve today’s problem of buying your house. But we must take everything one step at a time.

You can’t visit the beach, wat g the crashing waves and soak in the clear blue ocean while your mind is stuck here in Minnesota with your old beat up house that you just want sold and gone.

But you do deserve peace of mind And the freedom to travel and be happy like the Minnesota investor buyer that you will soon meet in person.

You’ll actually find that you align with their thinking both short-term and long-term of you are willing to have that conversation.

Then you can cross that bridge over to a more free mind lifestyle somewhere warm that makes you super happy.

The way you know this is right is visualize traveling to these places and thinking about your problem house.

Feel the difference in emotions, the split energy and split emotions and you’ll know from the contrast that you don’t feel in alignment.

Your body is physically here, but your mind is stuck at this problem house here in Minnesota, maybe even stuck in the dead of winter with a foot of snow and the frigid cold below zero temperatures.

Another perspective is to look at the compounding effect of momentum and how it can shift eithet way. Let’s talk through this together.

Right now you feel the compounding effect as moving inwards towards you like the walls caving you, suffocating, the pain becomes more intense with every passing day.

This emotion is bottling up and that’s why you know it’s time to take action to sell the property because you want relief from this emotion just like you would with your health and any relief medication. My investor is that relief to the peace of mind.

Now let’s look on the bright side and be very optimistic and positive about your housing situation .

You text me and reach out to start a conversation about your housing situation. The moment you do this a heavy weight is lifted off of your chest amd you start to feel free because your problem that you are taking on all by yourself is now our problem and we share it together

We are now sitting on the same side of the table looking into the distance and seeing the same solution.

That’s right we both see the closing table and the closing Title person handing you a big fat check. You’ve now gained back some of your sanity and freedom. You now can be creative again, you can think clearly, you can dream again.

What do you dream about? You dream about buying things. You dream about traveling to warm tropical places. You dream of the lifestyle that you’ve always wanted.

You imagine and visualize taking your family and even your friends with you. How great this vision and dream is as it starts to unfold.

I want this for you. I want you to make your dream a reality. Feel free, feel lighter, dream, imagine, rest, be playful, be happy, laugh, enjoy every moment. Make each moment of your life the very best that it can for your friends and family.

I want the most amazing positive momentum that you can have. I want the compound effect to work 100% in your favor. I want to be the one that helps you allow yourself to connect to it in real life.

Today you found me searching ‘sell my old problem house fast..’

In the near future you may find me by you searching ‘what’s the best hotel near the ocean to stay in while I’m staying in Puerto Rico.”

I’m so grateful and appreciative that you can dream up this reality for now. Year round warm weather, how great would that be for you.

Some people search for this info when selling

Miracle St. Joseph’s prayer to sell home

Dear St. Joseph…

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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