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How to get a pre-approved amount before searching for Minnesota homes online to buy

How to get a pre-approved amount before searching for Minnesota homes online to buy

It’s great when you get really excited about searching for Minnesota homes online with beautiful remodeled kitchens, updated bathrooms and private big backyards, a fireplace, master bedroom and closet, or even a 3 car garage.

But don’t get too far ahead of yourself and your emotions. The colorful high quality photos can reel you in and keep you really excited day and night, but you could be putting the cart before the horse, here’s why…

You see, many people are searching online for Minnesota homes, specific cities, bedrooms, square feet, school district, etc.

You imagine how great it would be to entertain friends inside your future Minnesota home, but some buyer prospects don’t know their purchase timeline, how much they are pre-approved for, or if they will even get pre-approved at all.

It’s fun to dream and find the perfect kitchen and bathroom and the lake you want to live on, or the hobby farm and the horses, but find out if you can get qualified for a home loan or that the price point is even close. That home could be sold way before you are even prepared with a pre-approval letter.

Qualifying for a Minnesota Home Loan to buy with a mortgage expert

Pre-approval letters are why it’s so important to have a live chat on messenger to get some initial info and provide some initial info to know where you stand with a bank lender in the whole pre-approval process on a Minnesota home loan.

It’s important to talk to a Minnesota loan expert because they talk to the lenders’ underwriters and they know what to look for to help you get pre-approved. This approval process may include recent 30-60 day late payments, it may include income, and bank statements, w-2’s, your spouse’s income, child support payments, disability income, etc

You will need to know all of the income you make and all major expenses before you can come up with an accurate pre-approval letter amount with your lender, then you can start searching online at that price point for your dream home in Minnesota.

Pre-approval letters mean a lot when it comes to helping you get your Minnesota home offer approved when looking at homes.

The pre-approval letters are based a lot of accurate data of info and paperwork that you supplied as we spoke about above. The home seller and listing agent will take you more serious and you’ll need it to compete against other buyers with home offers.

The more accurate of a home loan profile you have and the more complete of a package a loan person can send to the lenders’ underwriter the quicker they can process and get you that pre-approval amount.

Message or text me about your Minnesota home loan qualifying to buy this week

Talking on live messenger chat with me will allow you to do this mn home loan qualifying process at your own pace and comfort level. I would just connect you with a loan expert that I know locally in Minnesota.

Be prepared with your paperwork and logins for your financial info, paystubs, w-2, tax info, etc so that process is smoother.

There is online application 1003 form and you can talk by text or phone when the timing feels right for you.

I look forward to hearing that you get pre-approved on your way to your dream home right here in Minnesota, likely in the twin cites area.

If you can’t get pre-approved for a Minnesota home loan try a no bank qualifying Minnesota contract for deed program



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