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Is your Minnesota house and real estate in probate court, sell as-is fast cash

is your Minnesota house and real estate in probate court, sell as-is fast cash

Talking to others that have helped motivated sellers with probate situations where there was a will and a death in the family. Typically it’s an aging parent or grandparent who has died.

The process can be shorter or longer depending on what the complexity of the situation is. Often the person dealing with the house isn’t thinking about the word will or probate much. They may be thinking of the word court or attorney as they follow up with the process.

If you are working with a probate attorney on selling your house keep reading because investors nearby I know are use to working with the attorneys.

The most likely emotional words that will come to mind is inherited or stuck with the house or all of the time commitment or expenses that are involved.

Please watch this to let go of the emotions so that you can sell

Your probate lawyer is likely helping you with the rules , codes, process and forms, or how to avoid a probate sale of your property. They can also let you know how long it takes for the process. For example the big County in Minnesota is Hennepin county.

Those expenses in both time and money are often amplified when there are other siblings involved, any of the siblings are out of state, or any of the siblings are extremely short on time or money.

Then it’s amplified when more when the house needs $50,000 in repairs, is vacant, has unpaid mortgage payments, or ongoing, a reverse mortgage, property taxes, or a home that hasn’t been updated in 50 years and had many piles of junk and items that hold emotional memories growing up for the siblings.

This is a delicate and emotional situation when there has been a death in the family and it’s likely that collections and medical bills have been adding up for a long time.

The visits to the icu, hospital, the pills, the falls, the emergency calls, it’s been a long journey and the house needs to be dealt with and sold.

Many times the siblings just want to be done with the house because it carries with it too many painful emotional memories that remind of the death of a loved one.

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“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”



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