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I’m forced to sell my Minnesota home as-is fast for equity to have a down payment to buy on a contract for deed

I’m Forced to sell my Minnesota home due to my bad credit sell as-is quickly

Because you can not easily get financed by a bank because of your poor credit history or job situation such as being self-employed you will find that buying a home on a contract for deed will make the most sense for you.

Often you have a settlement for the down payment, or your self-employed income supports enough cash flow to justify a 10% or higher down payment.

Banks do have bank statement type programs, but those still typically require a nice size down payment and a contract for deed is a form of seller financing that doesn’t require a bank for now or the same type of credit requirements.

You will likely want to refinance later on with a bank loan. Some of the reasons you will wait for a bank loan and buy a contract for deed today would be:

Recent foreclosure

Recent bankruptcy

Recent short sale

Recent loan mod

Recently started self-employed

Recent 30-60 day lates

Many of these past things on your credit history will require 2-3 years before being allowed to get financing with a bank, so you can buy and own a home today while you are waiting out that timeline with a chance to build equity.

The headline of this article is really speaking to those that don’t have a settlement saved, extra 401k money, a gift from a relative or a friend, or a lot of extra cash flow from a business to come up with that 10% down payment to buy on a contract for deed.

Few options left sell as-is fast

This leaves you with few options to still own a home since you rule out a contract for deed or bank loan if your credit won’t easily qualify.

You may have a Minnesota home that you have to sell I order to get some of your equity converted into cash to save a down payment to buy your next contract for deed without a bank.

If your current Minnesota house is old, or needs a lot of repairs, wouldn’t show well, in foreclosure, probate, motivated to sell quickly or a number of other challenges and you need help with both the sale of your Minnesota home and the buy side of the contract for deed let me know because I know people who work in that area locally in Minnesota.

Plan ahead for your next move by starting the conversation by clicking the motivated Minnesota home seller link on my website and you can message me online.



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