Are you stuck with an inherited Minnesota house and now motivated to sell?
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Are you stuck with an inherited Minnesota house and now motivated to sell?

It happens, you inherit a house probably due to a death in the family or a parent or grandparent becoming ill, or moving to a group home, an assisted living or nursing home

It’s very possible that this house is dated, hast been remodeled in 20 to 60 years and may even have some brown or orange colors or old ugly wood paneling. That doesn’t sell for much in today’s housing market.

It’s possible that you are one of a few siblings that inherited the house and a couple of you may live out of state, a couple are far busier with work than others and then it’s also possible that many of the siblings don’t have extra money or time to hassle with contractors and don’t want to make any mistakes that cost $10,000 to $30,000.

It’s not a good time emotionally, you have a lot on your plate, you are overwhelmed with what to do and what options that you have.

The inherited house is going to cost a lot of money and time and it’s very expensive and a big source of argument for everyone involved.

The house with all of the stuff holds a lot of emotions, memories, and a lot of future sifting and sorting.

This part is hard, but if you knew you had a hassle free way to sell for cash to an investor this may make things a little easier on everyone.

Selling it quickly in the least amount of time with the least amount of disruption to everyone and their families is usually what is decided.

Like I said a lot of competing emotions, time, money, memories, unprocessed emotions. You will clean out the property, it will be vacant and there may still be a mortgage payment, a reverse mortgage, property taxes or more.

This alone can cause more arguments and cause the home to go into foreclosure.

It’s going to be common with aging parents or grandparents, but it could also happen if someone loves out of state, or doesn’t have time to deal with the house, or can’t afford to make the payments any longer.

If you feel trapped, stuck, or don’t know what your options are with this inherited house from a probate process, to a death in the family, please click on the motivated seller link on my website and review some of the programs and situations we work with and then message me when it makes sense with the timing in your life.



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