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Landlords Are you tired of evictions, renters? sell your Minnesota home as-fast

Landlords Are you tired of evictions, renters? sell your Minnesota home as-fast

Have you been a landlord for years and starting to get burnt out from chasing rents, property damage, putting out for rent signs, showing the property and the mess that they leave behind?

Have you been close to evicting or done enough evictions to keep you stressed out with the landlord business?

Is it just not worth it anymore, the risk, the expenses, the time away from your family, the 3 am phone calls, repairing the home yourself, are you just tired of it all?

Has your Minnesota property sat vacant for months, have you dealt with big expenses beyond carpet and paint.

Are you struggling to stay ahead with the monthly expenses? Would your rental not show well if you were to try to sell it on the market.

Have you had enough of the section 8 inspection, the city inspections, fixing screens, fixing outlet covers, fixing closet doors with holes in them?

What about kitchens full of junk, garages with so much junk that you need to order a big dumpster?

Are you tired of the property taxes, the constant calls to fix things? Is it worth the little cash flow that you get each month?

Do you stress out by the 5th of each month about making your mortgage payment because your renter hasn’t paid you yet? How many properties do you own that you stress out about with that.

Tired of contractors sell your Minnesota home fast as-is

Are you tired of contractors over charging you to clean up your tenants mess. Are you tired of trying to keep up with all of the new ever changing laws, regulations and rules of being a Minnesota landlord?

Landlording can burn you out if you’ve done it long enough and especially if it’s costing you more money then you are making each month

Is it worth the anxiety, stress and staying up at night?

Is your spouse upset with you about it?

Are you tired of chasing partial payments and all of the excuses the renters make each week?

Is your bank account just bleeding money with mortgage payments , property taxes, and repairs going out faster then rent income coming in?

Are the vacancies just crushing you each month?

Do you wish it would all just go away, the whole house headache thing?

If you are frustrated and ready to sell one or many Minnesota properties in any condition and open to cash offers or to sell on favorable creative terms let me know and I’ll try to find you a local investor in town that may be interested if I am not interested.



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