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We buy houses investors sell my MN home as-is fast for cash

We buy houses investors sell my MN home as-is fast for cash

Motivated seller searches…

What I’ve learned about SEO (search engine optimization) and google searches over the years is that depending on how many years you go back, 15%-50% of search queries on google have NEVER been searched or asked of google, that’s a pretty high number and speaks to how long and unique our questions are.

Also I started to study the long tail audio book on CD’s in about 2008 and then early 2020 I listened to it again on audible. back then I realized that technology and search had evolved.

The cost of digital inventory of all of this data is now near zero. Minnesota Motivated home seller prospects evolve and get smarter through research and all of the searches on google and yahoo, through their emotional decisions.

The demand for motivated sellers to save time by getting specific answers to their specific questions has skyrocketed In the past decade.

On the other end of these millions of motivated seller searches are Minnesota investors and Minnesota home rehabbers who would love to buy the motivated sellers Minnesota home.

The irony is that there really are millions of google searches in this real estate category, all looking different, and that means the home sellers are very busy searching and learning, but on the flip side, the Minnesota rehab investors are busy fixing homes, they are not on the Internet writing long articles as a magnet to attract, pull in, and match the search inquiry of the millions of searches by the motivated home seller like yourself.

So there still is not enough of an ‘exact match’ to the questions and unique search queries because not enough high-quality relevant articles are written yet.

Speaking of millions of searches on this topic, the minnesota investors have access to millions of dollars if they were to negotiate the right pricing with you.

There is an abundance of matchmaking and aligning that can happen with a little bit of vision in thinking, a meeting of the minds.

This situation reminds me of the Rumi quote…“what you seek is seeking you.”

Often the most simple quotes are the most profound and provide the most clarity.

A Minnesota Home seller like you, will find that you go through different levels of motivation on your journey. This will include research, informational or navigational as an early first step.

You will also go through a ‘commercial intent’ stage in the cycle of your journey where you compare final options and prices.

A final stage will be transactional, where you will make a decision, negotiate, sign contracts and receive money, which is the true solution that you, the motivated minnnesota home seller is looking for.

This often is a unique journey of split emotions and split beliefs until you decide on one path and logically feel good about your decision that you’ve made.

It is my goal and intent with my writing here today to align, match and bond with you, your search intent, so that you find me through google when you do search one of those long tail quieries or questions.

Robert collier also has a popular quote, from possibly up to 100 years ago, which is to “always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

I communicare with you today through this writing to let you know that I have known about search rankings on yahoo since 1998-1999, long tail search since about 2008, and for years that the rehab investors have had access to millions of dollars.

It’s possible the rehabbers collectively have access to billions of dollars nationally for rehab projects through hard money or private money, all of which is there for fast cash offers, but only if the negotiated discounted price makes sense for everyone.

So there is an abundance of motivated seller search questions and an abundance of money that exists out there. Today I am here to bridge the gap with you in alignment to find out as a motivated home seller how you’ll make a decision to move forward.

As the seller, asking a question to google a an actionable decision, but so is texting or calling an investor to tell them about your motivated situation with your Minnesota house, the journey begins in between the first search and text.

It is normal for that to be your path, it may take you 12 months in between, for others it will be the same day. My goal is to help save you time and accelerate the alignment bridging so that you can get to the decision sooner, and reach a moment of clarity and emotional relief.

I can’t rush you because that will cause resistance and slow down the process. The best that I can do is show to you that I understand how you feel and think about selling your home, through my writing here that you are reading.

Millions in money to invest to buy motivated Minnesota seller homes

Let me discuss hard money and private money lenders

You will see me write a lot about Supply and demand in articles because it plays such an important part in life and business.

For example I have many Minnesota rehabber friends who have plenty of private lenders and hard money lenders that they have great local relationships with.

As a Minnesota motivated seller you should know this, that because of these business relationships they have access to millions of dollars if the discounted home price makes sense according to their buying formulas.

An expert rehabber will know how to estimate the costs of the fixup on your home, and the ARV (After Rehab Value). They will look online for sold comps that compare within the past 3-6 months.

Your job as the home seller, is to just determine if you want all cash now in return for a discounted price, or near full price with seller financing and near zero interest rate terms.

Take the time to read my articles and understand your options, so that you feel comfortable when the time comes to make your decision.

There is a large supply of money out there to invest to rehabbers, so decide how motivated you are on the price and timeline.

In my Minnesota motivated home seller article I discuss what price and terms the serious rehabbers and investors buy for fast with their formula that they are consistently buying month to month.

The positive reason why cash, private money or hard money for you as the motivated seller is that it’s your solution, the closing is simple and fast, and there is no need for the rehab investor buyers to work with bank qualifying and 100’s of pages to sign, so it makes the process for you the motivated Minnesota home seller very fast and more simple and stress free.

If you don’t find a buyer investor from my connections from texting me, that will close quickly, then it’s because of only two reasons: the price or terms weren’t attractive enough to investors which means that you aren’t that motivated.

This also may mean that we are talking too early in the process or the pain of expenses, vacancy, hassles or annoyances haven’t hit a peak yet with you emotionally.

An advanced Minnesota rehab investor may not need to do the inspection, will be the actual buyer, and intend to close in a few days, after a quick title search with a title company to ensure your home has a clean title.

The second option of you selling is based on a very low interest rate and seller financing over a period of time such as 3-30 years typically. This won’t require much money at all from the investor buyer would plan an exit strategy as:


Selling on a lease option

Selling on a contract for deed

With the seller financing option an investor buyer can pay you more money because they get money upfront from one of the above strategies and also they don’t need to borrow a loan, or get financing and it allows them more creative options.

Plus the owner occupied loan interest rate that you have, which is likely fixed, is very desirable to the buyer investor. The investors are trained on how to communicate these creative deals to you and can be a great win-win on price.

In these situations the home loan would stay In your name and the investor buyer would make the timely monthly payments, manage the property and keep it stress free for you.

Bridge and Align your questions, then be prepared to text or call

sell my Minnesota home

Seth godin has one of my favorite quotes ever for the purpose of this article here today because it is so true.

Today, I have to write in such a way that I lead you to your own decision through an emotional alignment process, so that you build trust and a positive belief in me that this will all work out as the right solution for you.

Later when you feel comfortable, you can text your question and I could have an investor call you right back.

Some of the most common reasons you are motivated to sell a house are:

-Your Minnesota home no longer aligns with your daily lifestyle due to lack of time, lack of money or other reasons.

-You are going through a death in the family, probate or an estate situation.

-You inherited a house which is a hassle and expense due to the payments or needed fixup

-You lost your job, are laid off, unemployed, or furloughed

-Your house needs far too much fixup for a retail consumer buyer to buy off the MLS

-You are moving to a group home, assisted living, a nursing home or down sizing your space and payments ASAP

-Medical bills, or stacking debt is forcing a sale

-Foreclosure, or being behind on payments is forcing a sale

-Bankruptcy is forcing you to sell

-You are moving out of state, or already try to manage poirky from out of state

-Your renters trashed and damaged your rental property, or evictions set you over the edge emotionally

Take some time to really understand and identify your unique housing situation and think of how to explain it when you text later on.

I am here to help you walk through the process and remove your emotional resistance on your home sutuation.

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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