Did renters recently trash your Minnesota house and now you’re motivated to sell?
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Did renters recently trash your Minnesota house and now you’re motivated to sell?

It’s a nightmare scenario for a burnt out landlord. You go to check your rental property and it’s been trashed by your renter.

Now your home is vacant, trashed as with cost $5000 to $20,000 to fix up and repair.

Maybe you could have done a better job qualifying your tenant, but it’s too late now and you have a big problem and big expense in front of you.

Do you have the time or patience to repair the house and do it all over again. Nobody is going to rent your home in the condition that it’s in and it won’t pass a city or section 8 inspection.

The hard truth is that you have a time consuming and big costly expense on your hand. Add the fact for some of you that you just paid fees to file an eviction.

Homes can be stacked to the ceiling and all over countertops , in closets and everywhere with junk that needs to be hauled away.

It’s pretty hard to go sue or go after the tenant for any damages, and I’m sure you are burnt out on this property and probably others that you just want to be done with for good.

Do you even have the time or money to fix up the house for weeks or months while you pay for holding costs while it sits vacant? Is this really good for your mental health? Do you enjoy any of it?

Windows broken, countertops ruined, paint on the walls, holes in the drywall, dirt everywhere, plumbing issues, electrical issues, broken cupboards, discolored ceilings, pet damage, a house that smells like smoke. Doors off or hinges, unknot lawn, cracked sidewalks and driveway. Does any of this sound familiar?

By now you’ve heard some renter horror stories and you are living in the middle of one right now and you can’t stand it any more emotionally and you are ready to cut ties forever with all of your properties or at least a couple.

I’ll find you someone to take this mess and headache off your to do list and help you with a little more peace of mind.

It’s not a fun situation you are in right now and it just gets worse over the years to test your patience.

If you are a motivated seller click the link on my website and read more about what types of situations we work with and then message me.



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Message me with questions, click here m.me/ronorrcom

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