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Financial and Health Problems? Sell my MN home as-is fast cash offer

Financial and Health Problems? Sell my MN home as-is fast cash offer

When it comes to your Minnesota home that you own, you are either motivated or inspired to sell you will either be in a habitual emotional cycle of negative emotions based on a large list of problems from the past, or you will have positive inspired emotions towards the future and a solution focus.

Through this article my intent is for you to self-identify with any of the negative emotions that you are feeling attached to your home as see this as an opportunity to be self-aware and grow past it.

I also want you to realize there is a positive future with positive emotions that should inspire you to take inspired action towards alignment and more clarity every single daily.

You will need to have the habit of mentally rehearsing the solution in your head over and over to overwrite anything negative that you may habitually mentally rehearsing as a bad habit.

We have 60,000 to 70,000 thoughts per day and our subconscious is habitual and where the emotions are.

There are perspectives and stories that we keep rehearsing over and over in our subconscious mind which is usually very deep and unconscious to our awareness.

Our thoughts are electromagnetic like a magnet, so one thought attracts another thought on the same frequency.

What this means is that you can have positive or negative momentum. It means that you can have a positive or negative feedback loop.

It means that you can have negative momentum or positive momentum. You can have a downward spiral in thinking and emotions or have aligned action with forward momentum.

You get past the negative story by getting past your logical analytical mind into a higher vibration by elevating your emotions and vibration habitually by quieting your mind and meditation.

Before we get into problem and solution focus in this article I will link you to my Minnesota home seller article below where at the end of the article you will have my personal cell phone number to ask questions about selling your Minnesota home and how to buy another one based on different situations that you find yourself in at this moment today.

My Minnesota House Selling Problems

Each person reading this article right now is going to be dealing with a different housing problem in Minnesota, but at the same thing thousands are dealing with similar problems, so don’t feel alone. I’ll try to list some problems that resonate, so that you feel understood.

Most problems that you deal with when it comes to your Minnesota home is financially, timelines, or health. Let me go over some example with each to see if you relate to these.

Having a problem mindset is when you have limiting beliefs and a contracting mindset, where you don’t have as open of a mindset as a solution mindset.

You really need to quiet your mind and get away from your thoughts for awhile to get away from the problems that you keep thinking of.

Financial– the most common problem of motivated sellers that I’ve heard of is the pain and agitation of being financially stressed with your house. You may feel stuck because you are unemployed, furloughed, laid off, or simply running out of income.

You may be in a state of forebearance, delinquency, behind on payments or in foreclosure. You may have got a divorce recently, or have two home payments to make.

Sometimes all of your savings and all of the money that you have is trapped inside your house as equity and that’s what you desperately need to access and the reason for selling your Minnesota home.

Another common challenge is being a landlord where your renters trashed your property or you had too many months of vacancies and you are now burnt out.

Other landlords have fallen victim to the eviction moratorium where renters have lived in their propert for almost a year without ever making a rent payment, and as a landlord you’ve burned through and depleted your savings. It’s unfortunate for the times that we live in with the current environments and landscapes.

Timelines– To me timelimes usually are in addition to health or financial problems and really a sub category. You eventually run out of money or run out of a healthy mindset like dementia, or physical limitations, you run out of healthy dats.

A divorce is an event that really leaves you with a timeline for one to keep the house or split the equity by selling. Down sizing due to assisted living, nursing home, hospice or death leaves a more forced timeline and is very emotional because important relationships are involved with a lot of reinforced memories that too decades to nurture.

Foreclosures put you on a timeline in Minnesota from first getting 30 days late, 60 days, then there is a sheriff sale date before you know it and your final redemption timeline before the final eviction that kicks you out.

When you are behind on payments time seems like it’s running out and each day of bill collectors makes each day stressful, but once a sheriff sale date is scheduled time flies by and you are fearing being homeless and looking for a place for you and your family before you are kicked out from the sheriff knocking on the door and your young daughter answering feeling scared and incertain. Don’t let it get to that point, have a plan that lets you sell the house before you run out of time.

Whether you need cash for your Minnesota home sale or you can be patient with seller financing to a Minnesota buyer then you have more options, more solutions and we will hey into that below.

When you get a job offer in another state and you need to sell your Minnesota home this will put your on a timeline because you want to make two house payments that gets very expensive quickly and then you’ll have your mind trying to decide being a landlord vs. leaving your home vacant for months while hundreds of miles away from your empty vacant home, so you would need a property management company at that point.

Health– in today’s aging population you may need to move into a group home, assisted home, long-term nursing home, or hospice.

Frequent trips to the hospital and prescription medication may be leaving you with very large medical bills making you feel stressed, pressed and left with fewer options

Please don’t worry as we will get into solutions later in the article below, but for now focus on self-identifying and being aware that you have one of the specific problems in the first place.

These health issues can hit you in your early 40s or in your 90s, I know this from my own life experiences with parents.

Also you may be reading this thinking of your parents or relatives and be a very busy employee in the sandwhich generation, where your parents have been aging in place at their home, but now their Mental mindset limitations or physical limitations don’t allow them to keep their property up by updating or financially or physically.

It’s not uncommon for many of these homes to be out of date by 20-50 years with shag carpet or wood paneling, not suited for selling on the market to a retail buyer.

Their house served its purpose over the decades with great memories of their family. Their house may not be designed for wheelschairs, it may have too many steps and just not work for aging parents or be good for your legs or knees anymore.

Getting older with your house being a pain point that agitates you daily can be frustrating and what you are experiencing is very similar to what others are experiencing these days.

I don’t want to see you stress out or suffer any lomger, that’s why we will go through some solutions below to help you towards your goal of selling your Minnesota home.

Many others like you will be dealing with shutdowns, covid-19, health symptoms, breathing issues and many mental health issues from being in isolation away from community. Don’t feel alone I’m here to walk you through this process, just keep reading.

My Minnesota House Selling Solutions

When it comes to a solution mindset you have a belief to not fight the old, but to build the new.

You are at a high vibration and frequency, so you see the future as very positive when it comes to your perspective.

To have a solution mindset is to have a very expansive mindset with the ability to gain increasingly new insights, new perspectives, new paradigms shifts.

When it comes to a solution mindset let’s come with different perspectives on the same 3 problem topics from above and see how we can have more flexibility with each and more of an awareness of more potential possibility and a broader prospect to see the bigger picture for your future with the help of others.

Financial– When it comes to money we would determine if you need your equity upfront, or if you can take some money upfront now or want even more and sell for very little down now and do seller financing at a higher price.

If you need a lot of money upfront because you are behind on payments, in foreclosure with limited time, or the house needs $10,000 to $70,000 in upfront fixup or the house is dated you will be selling at a much bigger discount because the investor has to determine how much of their time and money will be tied up and for how long as they look for a return on time and investment

There is a lot of flexibility in these two types of offers or in between based on your flexibility and your unique specific housing situation. We are here to help you we just need to first talk by text then a real conversation by phone as we work on a unique solution to your specific housing situation.

Timelines-when it comes to timelines I like to describe selling your Minnesota home as 2 main contrasting home offer types to give you some context and of course these are just initial negotiations and after you text me these conversations can get more into details with many other variables to make a win-win.

A) fast cash offer at a discount price, ideal for homes needing a lot of fixup.

B) seller financing over years based on cheap monthly payment, higher price for you the seller and not as common when a lot of money is needed for fixup

Health-a solution for health is you can connect with someone in person wearing masks, or talk by phone if you are concerned about covid-19 and it’s even a larger concern the older and in healthier that you are.

If you sell your home quickly to an investor you would eliminate hundreds of strangers stepping through your house in today’s covid-19 concerned environment.

So we can take some precautions due to health. Some of your health issues with money and a hurried timelines were covered in the above sub categories.

Seller financing offers you a more flexible timeline and a higher price financially vs. a quick cash sale depending on your medical and health expenses.


Thank you for taking the time to read this and I know you got a lot of information and you are feeling a lot of competing emotions and have a lot of unanswered questions and decisions to make soon.

The solution portion is meant to show you that clarity is possible in your future.

Please understand that you aren’t suppose to have complete clarity or peace of mind yet. You are likely feeling more unanswered questions than answers and that’s ok. Your subconscious mind which feels all of the deep emotions will feel overwhelm like it wants to do everything all at once.

The point is to text me and we can have you talk to an minnesota investor who can talk you through it which is an unfolding process of clarity and it clears your mind and you get your perceived problems off your chest and you discuss timelines, finances and health if needed with the investor to be heard and understood.

Your goal is to feel that you can now take inspired action in a sequential way through a process with the investor that I can introduce you to.

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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