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Leave my past financial problems behind…Sell my Minnesota home as-is fast for cash

Leave my past financial problems behind…Sell my Minnesota home as-is fast for cash

And you want to sell your home
Here’s what I have to help with a buyer
Here’s what it will do for you
Put money in your pocket with peace of mind quickly
Here’s what to do Next
Read below As I show you how I can help as we get into the math later and the break down

Here you are a Minnesota Homeowner considering selling your home deciding between listing your home, or just selling quick to a Minnesota Investor.

Based on your timeline and options, will determine what kind of price you will get for your home. My goal is to offer you a home selling article with my contact info and personal cell phone number that you can reach at the end of the article that’s linked in this article.

What a decision and journey that you have ahead of you. A lot of thinking and emotions go into the decisions that you are about to make for you and your family.

Your spouse and kids will align with your beliefs and eventually you will all be happy and certain in your decision to move forward.

The journey is yours to enjoy from the past memories, the thoughts and emotions you are going through at this time in the present moment and where your future will take you into your next home, what your imagination allows you to dream about daily.

Through this article together we will discover what goes on from your chair in your home inside your mind from the feelings and thoughts of your thoughts, present and future and help you self-identify with the meaning that you get from it as it relates to your next steps, choices and decisions before your next move to your next home.

Some of you are moving into Minnesota for the first time, so we welcome you on the relocation and some are moving out of Minnesota because of a job offer, to live closer to family or a different experience.

Many of you will be moving out of the city due to noise and crime and move into the suburbs especially since work and school is often remote from home now.

Every one who is a Minnesota homeowner has a different unique specific housing situation, so my goal below is to cover most of them, so that you feel that you are being heard and understood about the experience that you are going through right now.

MN Home Seller: Past

Our past is full of memories tied to our family, friends and entertaining all part of our home. Years or decades full of memories tied to our emotions. Some good, some bad. Some negative, some positive. We wouldn’t trade those memories for anything as they are our life, our identity, it’s who we are.

For those reading this right now your past may be motivating you or inspiring you to decide to move on based on how your emotions now are tied to your home.

For those with negative emotions you will feel a motivation of an escape or relief from your emotions to get out of an endless cycle of negative emotions that are attached to your home.

These negative emotions are tied to difficult housing situations that you want to severe ties with. Let’s review a few of these housing situations that readers like you often find themselves in:

Some of you are ready to wrap up this stage of your life and move on to your next home or living arrangements. This could be that you feel you’ve emotionally loved on, or your health, or family situation as put you in a different place or timeline in life.

You are at peace with the decision and you have talked to family and loved ones and it’s time to move on to a new place to live.

This may include large medical bills or limiting freedoms due to a need for a higher hands on attention to your mental and physical health that has you needing to move to an assisted living or a long-term nursing home, sometimes hospice later on.

Your house has offered decades of memories and you haven’t updated the home in years and a Minnesota investor would need to buy it in disrepair or with deferred maintenance.

You may find that you are in your 40s, 50s or 60s in the sand which generation where your parents need to sell their dated house to someone willing to do the fix up.

Negative emotions may be tied to the economy, being behind on payments, being in foreclosure, seriously delinquent, and out of options.

Some have more positive emotions such as the kids have grown up and moved out and you are an empty nester and your house is too big for you now or your spouse and you and you need to downsize.

Some have got divorced and the time now to downsize just makes sense.

Unfortunately many siblings have have had to deal with probate or a death in the family or they need with a will and estate and who gets the equity and how to sell your parents or relatives house.

I have personal investor friends in Minnesota that love to buy homes that need $10,000 to $75,000 in fixups dependent on the price that they buy your home for.

Other investors that I know love to buy homes on terms with seller financing. They prefer 0% interest rates and subject to, but contract for deed and lease option (rent to own) are possibilities as well. I can discuss this more via text when you are ready to text me and are looking for an offer and a win-win option.

Many of the investors that I know have been doing this for a couple of decades or more and really like what they do and have the knowledge that will give you peace of mind to make the timing work for you.

It can be very difficult emotionally. I’ve worked with many investors in Minnesota that have worked with Minnesota home sellers in situations just like you.

Whether your emotions are negative or positive don’t let that stop you from making the decision to sell your home.

MN Home Seller: Present

The present moment is about you reading this right now and have peace of mind and not overthinking, not being analytical and just being in the moment. Being able to sit in your living room and talk to your family in a calm way, not controlling, not feeling controlled, no tough emotions, very logical, calm and just putting out some thoughts and ideas and getting others perspectives on all of the variables to consider in the decision and timeline.

You may even take some time to quiet your mind or meditate to just clear your mind for alignment and clarity. Your thoughts should feel effortless and just flow. For some this may be at midnight after the kids have been sleeping for hours and for others it may be at 5 am before any one else is awake and you are having your coffee.

Each day that goes by you’ll have different thoughts and emotions and little by little you’ll arrive at the bigger selling decision.

MN Home Seller: Future

The future dreams that you hold of where you wanna love can come alive from your imagination and dreaming. For some it will be looking up homes for sale online. It may be talking to friends and family.

Your dreams may feel real from looking at vivid colorful photos online from Pinterest or websites of amazing remodeled bathrooms and kitchens imagine yourself entertaining or cooking in the kitchen or enjoying a great bath with power jets.

How great would it be to realize your dreams this month or this year? How many smiles, laughs and future memories for you and your family and friends await you.

Your future is about a great neighborhood with great schools even thought remote schooling may be in our future more permantely.

Living near work in the future may not be as big of a deal if many are just remote working from home, but this gives you a chance to get an extra room for an office to get some peace of mind and quiet to focus on work.

Gyms are often closed so consider an extra room for working out, exercise bikes and weights.

Of restaurants will be closed down often you may find yourself wanting a big kitchen to cook at home often with some great appliances in your dream kitchen.

Having a big private fenced yard to play with your kids in, is something to dream about.

You may dream about an oversized 3 car garage to have a workshop or work on your car, truck, boats or other fun vehicles.

Dream about a big open space for entertaining from the kitchen and living room. Maybe a great bar area for entertaining or a breakfast bar.

How about a great deck or porch to relax and watch a sunset or sunrise, how great would that be?

What about living near some great shopping areas for convenience or time to enjoy the weekends great restaurants?

How about living on a lake, or near a lake or pond and you love nature, walking and bike trails or great parks for your kids to play, or be part of sports.

Living in a fun community where you really get to know your neighbors and make some lifelong friends. These are great future dreams to imagine and attract into the process of going to see homes.

Before you go see homes though you’d want to plan out cleaning and staging your home and likely using the equity from your sale to use as a down payment on your next future dream home


Now that we’ve reviewed the thinking in your mind that all create your beliefs, emotions, thoughts and perspectives of your current Minnesota Home, it’s time to read my article about the journey you make in decision making before you text me with questions to the next sequential steps in the process, so let’s now go over the math when you are selling your Minnesota Home click here

this is a information-packed article of insights that you’ll crave to read down until the last word because of the clarity and peace of mind that it will provide for you as a positive result.

After reading this article on selling you’ll have my personal cell phone number to be able to reach out to me.

This article is meant as a GPS and guidance to your many thoughts and emotions that you’ll feel that compete and contrast with each other in the journey and process of finding clarity SKF peace of mind.

For the process of buying a home you can look into getting pre-approved with a bank or also consider buying a Minnesota on a contract for deed which works even if you’ve had past foreclosures, bankruptcies, short sales, or late payments.

Minnesota Contract for deeds work especially well for self-employed or unconventional financial situations where you have a large down payment and good income, job and employment history.

Minnesota Contract for deed is just a form of seller financing that’s not based on bank lending.

The process of being aware of any challenges in thinking about selling as well as how you eliminate other options through the process of elimination to a solution thats why you’ve got to check out this value-packed article here.

Click Minnesota selling a home article will walk you through the thinking of this and feeling your way through the selling process step by step made easy in a unique way.

Here’s a story of how I started out…

I bought my first condo with my brother when I was very young in 1998 and my first big house in June of 2001, it was a great feeling.

I later went on to own a handful of homes and manage rentals and I learned a lot over the years and I understand the buying process and selling process and how I would do it better next time as well as budgeting for repairs along the way and right before you sell your home.

These are things that can be discussed after you text me and want to make a plan to make it a win-win sale of your property.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article

If this sounds like you, click here

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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