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My Video blog strategy for my real estate investing marketing

My Video Blog Strategy for my Real Estate investing marketing

Let me show you in this article specifically on the blog how I connected a video and blog strategy together.

For example I will use the video app on my phone to create a 1 minute video that works well with all social networks.

Then I will give a headline overlay for copywriting purposes because it gets more clicks with the headline according to my data because it helps people with some upfront context.

Then I will upload the video onto YouTube where I will later put some targeted real estate hashtags, this article or part of it with a link to the blog and my Instagram post. I put part of the article so there is still a reason to go to the blog.

I put an Instagram link on there to brand it and also because I know Instagram is a powerful engine of engagement. You’ll also notice on the video that I put Ron for branding.

For now I’m keeping some consistent coloring or black, purple and pink. I think this becomes a subconscious habit for others visually over time and it’s a conditioned response with their brain neurons if you want to get technical 🙂

MN real estate investors Social network engagement

I’ll get social network engagement especially on Instagram and that will spread my article that you are reading right now far and wide.

Of course it’s doing other things like back links to the blog from social networks which helps with SEO rankings and recurring traffic for the blog.

Now the new part I like is once you make it to the blog I’m a believer that you are filtered into a category of a certain frequency away from the noise and short conversations into a content deep dive. I believe as you go down someone’s profile or timeline you want to see more of their content and that happens well on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube.

So once you are reading the blog I want to load those 3 social network posts into the blog for a fun experience of consuming content and staying in my ecosystem funnel just like the social networks do.

I have to load the unique URL of the social networks into be blog post in a browser on my phone as the app won’t accomplish this.

Also it appears that the social proof of all of the engagement will also show in my post that’s inside of this blog post. I like this feature as well as you being able to go back to the social networks and search more of my content. So that’s how it’s engineered, it’s a little technical, so give yourself time to understand it.

Thanks for reading this post

Ron Orr

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