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How to use video to leverage time to make money in your business

I created a 10+ minute video for you to watch on how to utilize video to best leverage your time for education and training to help grow your business and make more money.

The video walks through an example as used in real estate, a real estate agent team, and an agent following up with his/her pipeline as a CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

In the business of real estate when it comes to buyer prospects it is shown over time that possibly 90% of the conversation is the same information that all prospects need to hear even though many are in different parts of their journey, or the real estate agents relationship funnel.

Buyer prospects more times than not need to be given guidance on how credit education works and how the allocation of credit scores are calculated. They need to understand budgeting, paying their bills on time, and how important their credit score is to them buying a house.

Buyers will need to understand balance thresholds and limits on their credit cards, why not to buy a car or furniture before closing their home.

Many prospects need to remove identity theft incorrect data on their credit reports. They need to understand how to establish credit in many situations.

Often past negative items need to be removed from their credit history in the proper way to get the 50 point increase needed to get a home loan.

Real estate agents need to practice patients when it comes to building a pipeline full of these buyer prospects. Often the buyer prospect needs to learn to save money up for s down payment and to pay off some bills and credit card balances and well as being recent on tax returns.

It is recommended that agents help provide videos along the way with follow up over weeks and months to help break down this education in smaller chunks for others to learn. This sharing of training will solidifying a relationship between the agent and buyer prospect, and the bigger the real estate agents team the more time leverage they will receive.

Think of the training being used for the most value offline in this case, but the videos may happen to be stored online like on YouTube.

Allow others in their busy lives to learn at their own pace while receiving flexibility in their schedule for their family life. Sometimes the holidays, or a cut in hours at work can delay the buying process and this is why you can’t force the timeline, but simply be more efficient with your time.

Here is the video below

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