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In this video I’m out for a daily walk and I discuss a lot of different business ideas for B2B networking with investors, real estate experts and I discuss some tech.

I discuss the advantages of taking the time to build great relationships and networking locally. I’ve been fortunate to be online since 1995, self-employed since 2001, and be in real estate since 2002.

This video is over 30 minutes long and I discuss a lot of different ideas on marketing and perspectives. It starts off my be discussing some things I’ve listened to frank kern teach on a sponsored ad on Facebook.

He talks about split testing Facebook ads, seeing what works with the market, and discussed how much he pays to sell a $5 book. He discusses his book funnel and how much he spends every single month, I’ll discuss that in the video as well as how many clients he has from it now.

Frank brings up great points like usual and discusses why he thinks certain photos work better than others. I later discuss the big picture with video, SEO ranking of the videos and content and how social media is like email subscribers only better in many ways.

I believe you should keep putting out great video content, focus on ranking the videos to get views, and focus on building offline networks as well with investors and higher lifetime value type clients.

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