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Periscope vs. Meerkat who will be the winner?

It’s hard to say, but at the time of this blog post periscope clearly has more tweets going out on and it’s really not all that close.  I’d put Periscope at an average of 80,000 vs. 20,000 a day right now.  So many celebrities are starting to use periscope it’s going to start to gain more momentum.  We are now in a game of live broadcasts and getting people’s attention.  Attention will come down to being relevant for the person and not just being able to market.

You do have to scale out these days, but scaling out is often being on facebook feed, or twitter’s feed, but so many as you can see are clearly already doing that.  I haven’t been using meerkat a lot, but it does sound like their new cameo and cloud storage could get attention.  I heard that periscope had some 3rd party app to save your periscopes but I haven’t found it yet on google.

I believe @alexpettitt and @markshaw have been talking about it on their youtube and periscope broadcasts.  Alex warned of logging in and allowing 3rd party apps to have access to your twitter and or periscope, and he wasn’t excited about that.

Both Mark and Alex upload their periscope live broadcast to their youtube channels.  I’ll let you know when I find out more about those other sites.  For now I know and are two sites gaining popularity in the rankings.

I often use to check my exact followers while checking them on your periscope app rounds it to the nearest 100.  At this time I am seeing a lot of repeat visitors, my next thing I am looking forward to is when they share with their friends on the social networks.

This will help for our tribe to grow.  For this website you have to go to search, and type in your profile name like ronorr or  Follow me on periscope at @ronorr (

Periscope for Now

For now you’ll mostly see me blogging about periscope, but I will mention cool meerkat features that periscope needs to update to keep up with the iterations and advanced steps of meerkat.

Another thing that I can tell you is that because google gets 1.2 trillion searches a year, to me that means it’s a very wide part of a relationship funnel.

Now when I go to my facebook page and name it periscope live with ronorr and I post many comments on some very large pages.  Let’s say 50-60, and get 2 likes, that means to me that the household name of periscope hasn’t taken off yet and that as wide of a funnel those pages are on facebook, they aren’t wide enough to know what periscope is.  Meanwhile the people searching for periscope on google will often find my blog, as the search volume goes up, and that’s a positive.

You see I could also put out 2000 periscope live with ronorr comments on facebook right now, but if people don’t really know what it is for 3-6 months how many will search back later for my comments on those pages and see it.  This is why I’ll continue to lay the foundational work on google to market the periscope platform with some meerkat to get access to those searching for those platforms, so that I can get them following me.

I will also work it from the core of the platform itself so that I can get followers from those who already have the periscope app from  The great news is a lot of the same people keep coming up on my live broadcasts, so that has me excited that it’s gaining traction.  With so many other live shows going on, it’s hard to say that I don’t deal with major competition, but either way I will continue to put out great content for others.

Periscope Future Vs. Meerkat Future

I think it’s great that Meerkat is staying in the race and the new cameo feature and other stuff make it interesting.  To me the fact that meerkat could connect or is connecting to a facebook API signals a strong potential for them, maybe to even overtake twitter and periscope.

Both have a tremendous potential to grow over time.  I just heard that periscope is up to 7 million now as of July 13th, and I remember they had 1 million in the first 10 days, so it’s exciting out fast the adoption rate will be.

Once it reaches like 100 million I think there is no going back. I know google plus is big, but not sure how many people actually use it. I don’t think it took off as much as they wanted it to.  Google does an excellent job of creating cool free stuff like google docs, and now slack to keep people in the google network.

They have youtube, gmail, and so many more items.  The google search engine and SEO is pretty key these days to being found.  Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to blogging almost daily or a few times a week to keep you updated of the latest things happening in the live broadcasting stream arena and I think they have a periscope summit coming up which will have some cool things talked about.   I’m excited about the future of this technology, and I saw Alex Pettitt on an older video from maybe 2 months ago talk about attempting to get 20,000 followers and now he broke 80,000 followers this week, congrats to him.  Mark Shaw is kicking butt also on followers.

I am paying close attention to the traction on gaining followers, the invites from others, the #periscope hashtags per and just trying to understand how fast this thing is growing.

Based on how fast the internet changes and how dynamic it is, I am always looking for trends and patterns to understand the adoption rates in the future to be smart with how I invest my time.

Right now I am going to blog about marketing, real estate, systems, and periscope as I believe those concepts will be solid for decades.  Even if it’s not periscope it will be live streaming broadcasts.


Ron Orr

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