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Boredom when selling your MN house as-is fast

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You came to this page from the previous emotion of Pessimism

Boredom is playing it safe. Boredom is not dreaming much. Boredom is not having momentum towards what you want.

Boredom is when you feel stuck or don’t have a specific goal in mind. It’s a turning point where you are losing resistance and ready for momentum to increase.

Get more intentional about making more decisions. Make an easy list of things to do. From feeling clarity to feeling good.

When you are looking to sell your Minnesota house as-is fast. This is a great way to prime the pump on your emotional journey to create some momentum, easy aligned action at this point.

When deciding to sell your home at this point don’t over do it. You may be bored of your housing situation because nothing has changed in awhile.

You may feel like you are stuck In a cycle and keep repeating it over and over every day with the same thoughts, emotions and more.

There is no need to take massive action at this point and feel like bog things need to be rushed or forced right away. This is the nudging of positive emotion.

Tune in to that subtle feeling of ease of your emotions starting to become lighter.

Your house sale can seem to be a big decision to take on, but you can break it into much smaller steps that are bite-sized for you.

When you focus your momentum can speed up. You want balance. Something bigger than you believe, then you come into alignment of that belief.

Focus on what you like, and the ideas will come to you to get you beyond being bored.

Boredom is the tipping point of when things start getting good for you. This emotional scale is an internal guidance GPS for you to continue to grow and evolve as a person.

Don’t feel stuck with any housing problems I want you to create some momentum towards a house solution for your future where you sell and have an amazing future to look forward to.

A feeling of Boredom is just lacking initial eagerness and momentum as you’ll soon find yourself to be optimistic and hopeful.

I wanted to show you a couple of YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks for this current page emotion of: Boredom with the goal of how you can get to the next level and next emotion by clicking the link below

Let’s go over a couple of the audios for you to listen to while you sleep, while you walk, while you exercise, while you eat, get into the habit of listening over and over…

The next emotion up the scale for you to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking to create your own reality before selling your Minnesota house as-is fast is:


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