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Frustration, Irritation, and Impatience when selling your MN house as-is fast

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You are coming from the previous lower emotion of Overwhelment (feeling overwhelmed)

When you are looking to sell your Minnesota house as-is fast it’s not uncommon to realize this during the process of being frustrated and the fast signals that you are feeling slightly impatient.

The fact that you want to sell it as-is without going through the work of fixing it tells me that you are feeling a bit impatient, or irritated your house itself may be causing some frustration.

Don’t let your property upset you too much because it could make you get stuck in that emotion and it will build up and your property will start to annoy you more every day.

Learn to let go of some of that irritation resistance with some positive thinking even if it’s not about your house.

Positive thinking may include a fun night out with friends, it may include a nice walk outside enjoying the sunny weather or watching nature and the animals.

This can put you into a higher frequency just like a nap, meditation, or a good nights sleep.

Positive thoughts come from a higher frequency and vibration. Watch a movie that puts you in a good mood or a comedy at home with friends and family.

Your goal at the irritated stage isn’t to expect joy in 5 minutes, or to solve your problem in 5 minutes, or to know the solution in only 5 minutes.

Little by little you will work up the emotional scale and become more and more happy and less and less irritated.

Your goal here with this post is just to feel a little momentum and move up the scale even one emotion level.

That would be considered a breakthrough for you. That emotional level is to move up to pessimism.

Pessimism emotion carries less resistance and is considered an improvement from frustration which you may be feeling right now.

The goal of these posts and audios is to go at your own pace up the scale and remove resistance a little bit at a time.

You want to focus on alignment and what that feels like to you based on where you are on the scale today. You may be in a different place on the scale tomorrow.

The goal is to go on this emotional journey like an internal GPS system to demonstrate to yourself that you can do this on your own no matter what the circumstances or conditions are.

I wanted to show you a couple of YouTube videos by Abraham-Hicks for this current page emotion of: Frustration, Irritation, and Impatience with the goal of how you can get to the next level and next emotion by clicking the link below

The next emotion up the scale for you to practice thinking, feeling, and speaking to create your own reality before selling your Minnesota house as-is fast is:


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