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Use Compound Effect thinking to align yourself in selling your MN house as-is fast

Below is how fast a penny doubles every day for 30 days. This shows the power of compounding.

I do love the momentum of the compound effect. It’s important with every word, headline, intention, sentence, paragraph and what you attract by each passing moment.

I love to also show people the compound formulas, math, data, numbers, perspectives and more. It’s been said that humans can’t comprehend exponential examples.

I believe one I’ve heard is if you fold a piece of paper in half over and over it eventually reaches the moon.

“If you were to fold a piece of paper in half 42 times, it would reach the moon.”

At some point we just have to humble ourselves and realize our brains can’t comprehend compounding math.

We can listen to examples, to try to understand it. One example that I’ve listened to this past year is compounding inflation and the loss of buying power one has with their US dollars. Some have turned to bitcoin to hedge against inflation.I

f you had 15% true inflation over 5 years I believe you would cut your purchasing power in half over those 5 years. Meaning it cost you twice as much to buy the same thing, or put another way you end up with half as much.

You can’t count on the governments math. You must study the value decline of the US dollar since the Feds inception in 1913. Over 99%+ of its purchasing power has evaporated.

That’s ok though because you are going to use the energy of momentum to build a future where your money (energy) works fir you by being more efficient and it will optimize your time. More of a positive leverage with systems and processes.

For some, this may be selling your $600,000 Minnesota home with 4 bedrooms and buying a $350,000 Minnesota duplex and renting out one side and living in the other side.

This is house hacking and a way to love for very little money monthly. Soon you’ll want to invest in more real estate assets and create more monthly cash flow.

When you focus on monthly cash flow your mind thinks of your assets and Monet working for you vs. the rat race and 9-5 that most find themselves in today.I

f you want to take the first step to sell your Minnesota home, so that you can structure your daily lifestyle differently more towards a life of time and money freedom, please take a moment to read my home seller article today to sell quickly.

“I’m ready, I’ve decided it’s time to sell my mn home as-is, fast cash offer!”

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