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Minnesota Real Estate Investors Measure Your Numbers, Stats, and Conversion Percentages

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Measure your numbers and keep track

When it comes to evolving a step from a 60+ an hour work week as a self-employed person and you want to take it to the next level, you need to work on the business from a higher level and a broader perspective.

This is done by measuring stats, numbers and keeping track of them.

Often you can keep track of some through an online dashboard, some will need to be done online and offline through a CRM.  You want to get use to making this a daily habit.  Most people do not do this.

You will work on advertising, marketing, leads, conversions, sales and time management on your fulfillment.

Most people are so busy doing the fulfillment that they don’t have time to measure numbers, stats or look at dashboards.

They are in such a hurry to learn how to be faster at what they do, but that isn’t what the end goal is, it’s to hire other people to do this, and focus on the leads, and conversion %, along with retention.

When you focus on the measuring and the stats you are able to see a broader perspective, and stretch your brain.

You start working on $100 hour and $1000 hour type activities vs. $8 an hour activities.  Focus on how it all connects, the law of averages and predictable analytics.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Speak in numbers to your team

When you are overseeing your team some will be your retention and relationship people, some will handle different aspects of the big picture like strategic partners, others may be on your payroll.

Where ever they are in the big picture make sure to talk in numbers so that you can quantify quickly how well each person is doing based on timelines, deadlines, goals and schedules.

You don’t want vague small daily details about things, you want them to talk to you on a higher level about what’s important.

Talking in numbers will get people aligned on goals and measure and quantify their success by the hour, day and so forth.

With a great strategy and great daily habits there is no need to micro manage.

If you want x income recurring per month, what is the x sales you need to bring in for the month.

Learn how to reverse engineer all of this.  Figure out how many calls, closings, and lead appointments you need.

Minnesota Real Estate Investors Compare your numbers for growth

By writing down your numbers, and the ones that matter, you are able to compare them to previous days, weeks and months and see where you are growing, where you are falling behind and where you are stagnant.

You get to choose the time management, time leverage, strategy, to adjust to hit other numbers.  You can figure this out with daily habits.

Prioritize which numbers are most important and work towards that goal.

Stick to your habits and have your team stick to their habits and have people’s numbers be predictable analytics and learn from them.

Remember just about anything that you want you can create a blueprint of how to get there by reverse engineering what your end goal is and reverse engineering until you get to the beginning which is people you talk to, blog posts, posts, sent emails, etc.

Numbers help you speed up the process of growing your company and being more effective and less busy with your time.  Measuring the numbers allows you to focus more on what actually matters.

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