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Robert Collier: “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

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Robert Collier Headlines

Headlines Are a Frequency

(Update 5-11-21, 6 years after writing this, probably the #1 truest copywriting quote ever)

Think of headlines as a conversation already going on within someone’s mind based on a frequency or intent.

A place at where they are in their journey. Imagine that they are past certain levels of resistance. It could be in a sales funnel or in the journey of buying a home. Meet them at where their mind is at.

Connect Headlines In The

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Why Growth Hacking is Crucial To Your SEO Blog Headlines

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Copywriters Headlines


Use Copywriting Headlines and SEO together

(Update 5-11-21, 6 years later I’m using all of these ideas more than ever when I originally wrote this 6 years ago. I know see law of attraction, alignment, long tail Seo more specific ways to explain it)

Using both old time-tested proven techniques and SEO keyword rich heavy headlines fused together is an art form.  Here is what’s interesting about it.  For those who study both copywriting and SEO like myself you …

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3 Reasons GrowthHacking Explodes Your Twitter Following

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Growth Hack Twitter

Growth Hacking Funnels

(Update 2021 I’m more likely to use the term conversion rate optimization, or conversions and momentum vs. growth hacking when building a Minnesota real estate investors audience)

With so many mutli-channels and multi-funnel layers these days online it’s very important to tie all of the funnels together through Growth Hacking.  The overall theme is that they are tied to daily social networks.

Such as facebook, twitter, snapchat, and others.  People use these social networks daily as part …

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