Month: August 2015

Robert Collier Headlines

Robert Collier: “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

Headlines Are a Frequency (Update 5-11-21, 6 years after writing this, probably the #1 truest copywriting quote ever) Think of headlines as a...

Copywriters Headlines

Why Growth Hacking is Crucial To Your SEO Blog Headlines

  Use Copywriting Headlines and SEO together (Update 5-11-21, 6 years later I’m using all of these ideas more than ever when I...

Growth Hack Twitter

3 Reasons GrowthHacking Explodes Your Twitter Following

Growth Hacking Funnels (Update 2021 I’m more likely to use the term conversion rate optimization, or conversions and momentum vs. growth hacking when...

blab live video streaming broadcasting

The new #blab platform different then #Periscope

(Update 2021, I now use clubhouse to talk to Minnesota real estate investors about lifestyle and alignment) I used Blab a few times...

how to write headlines

How to Write Killer Headlines what the others aren’t telling you

Headlines are the perimeter of the internet David Ogilvy says it best about how the headlines gets just about everyone.  In fact I...

#tagtribes onperiscope

#TagTribes on #Periscope Exploded with New Followers

Minnesota Real Estate Investors periscope is now redirecting to my twitter @ronorr I added #TagTribes days ago I just started putting #tagtribes in...

Facebook Mentions

Facebook Mentions Pages About to Go Live Like #Periscope

Facebook Mentions Going Live So later last night around 7pm I just found out about facebook mentions going live with celebrities and how...

Hashtags # on twitter

#RT #GrowthHacking #Headlines and #Hashtags #follow @ronorr

#GrowthHacking #Headlines and #Hashtags I just did some periscope broadcasts back to back with the #growthhacking hashtag and people loved it.  I have...


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