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Robert Collier: “Always enter the conversation already taking place in the customer’s mind.”

Headlines Are a Frequency

(Update 5-11-21, 6 years after writing this, probably the #1 truest copywriting quote ever)

Think of headlines as a conversation already going on within someone’s mind based on a frequency or intent.

A place at where they are in their journey. Imagine that they are past certain levels of resistance. It could be in a sales funnel or in the journey of buying a home. Meet them at where their mind is at.

Connect Headlines In The Funnel

Use headlines with your content along the way in your follow up funnel in order too keep people in their path in the decision making journey. Allow people time to release resistance and guide through elevated perspectives.

Headlines Decision and Buying Signals

what is taught in SEO and search engine optimization is the idea of commercial intent. Meaning words like price, buy, compare prices are keywords with commercial intent.

Although that may not get as much traffic from the search engines either the conversion ratio should be higher and you should be meeting them much further along in there decision journey.

Headlines is a favorite topic of mine as I feel that we have so much to learn from the concept from traffic to the buyers journey, to conversion, to what’s likely to get clicked and attracting the right market.

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