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Why Growth Hacking is Crucial To Your SEO Blog Headlines


Use Copywriting Headlines and SEO together

(Update 5-11-21, 6 years later I’m using all of these ideas more than ever when I originally wrote this 6 years ago. I know see law of attraction, alignment, long tail Seo more specific ways to explain it)

Using both old time-tested proven techniques and SEO keyword rich heavy headlines fused together is an art form.  Here is what’s interesting about it.  For those who study both copywriting and SEO like myself you realize that the trick is with all of the headlines out there that we must learn to get good at getting conversions and clicks from readers.

But at the top of the funnel way before people are even in our daily social network lives the SEO, and google rankings.

It’s said that you could have great content, but if your headline isn’t good then your content won’t get read by many.  What’s also interesting is if you don’t keep in alignment and do good SEO practices then you could have a great headline that’s never even seen on google, yahoo, or bing, so it goes even another level deeper.  Some think SEO is dead due to the social media and mutli-channels, I don’t know if that’s true, as far as I know google gets trillions of searches still.

I do also like the idea though of getting a tribe of thousands together so that they can tweet, share, and post your content to their friends and help you exponentially explode your marketing online.

Hack Your Headlines

Not many people use hack and headline together even though it sounds cool.  The truth is you want to practice writing many headlines until you get just the right headline.

To me it’s like perfecting a golf stroke, you can have 10 different headlines that look so similar, but get vastly different results, and that’s why the skillset of writing headlines is so cool to me.

You get to a point where it’s like intuition, you can just feel which headline will get better results, or you can recognize a bad headline where it has no punch or no embeded emotion.  It takes the best decades to master their headlines.

They test it to millions of people, and with millions spent and billions made it’s very important to be right on target with your headlines.

Headlines Equal Growth In Your Funnel

Remember that Headlines with SEO and With your large daily social network of followers on twitter, facebook, periscope, instagram, it’s important to have a very effective and powerful headline if you want the content to be read, or even if you want to have a chance to rank in the search engines.

I have found that with wordpress, powerful headlines and subheads in SEO which are H1, H2, H3, I have had many pages and long-tail keywords rank in top spots.  If you stay on target and your website is in alignment, google will rank it will for those keywords.

People will have anchor text or use your headlines as anchor text linking to your page.  Their are so many multi-layers of your headline helping gain you more traction and more clicks.

As I was typing, I just realized that if you got a lot of anchor text from others backlinking to your blog, youtube video, etc that if they just use the same headline you to, that just goes to show how it’s even 1000x more important that you use the right headline, or should I say a better headline.

Anchor Text serves as a backlink, SEO keyword backlink, and a copywritten headline link, wow, that’s a multi-layered repurposing and value.



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