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#RT #GrowthHacking #Headlines and #Hashtags #follow @ronorr

#GrowthHacking #Headlines and #Hashtags

I just did some periscope broadcasts back to back with the #growthhacking hashtag and people loved it.  I have loved the concept for awhile, but didn’t know so many others loved it.  I started to show people on my periscope hashtag sites.  I want to show people how hashtags can be effective in attracting the right audience.  I found some of the popular hashtags that I like to use like #business #startup #entrepreneur #follow and more.

I have found that I love headlines more every single day, and here is why.  Let’s break apart the headline in this post.  #RT is a hashtag but also a command to retweet which people love to share and do on twitter.  #growthhacking not only attracts the right audience from the twitter search results, but it would show up in google search engine and SEO.  People will favorite and follow me based on that growthhacking hashtag and it has future value of input and ideas to learn from those that follow me today.  So I am getting so many Retweet share, SEO keyword, follow and more type of benefits from it.

Also when this blog article is shared on twitter in the future, guess what, now the headline has hashtags, so now I have others sharing hashtags all over on twitter and pre-populating it all in twitters search engines.  This is kind of like SEO results on twitter.  This to me is a cool growth hacking idea.  I want to share a lot of my ideas with all of you.

#SEO Keyword Headlines

As I was saying above the act of putting out headlines with great hashtag keywords is that your keywords attract the right people on twitter, facebook, google and other websites.

It helps the ranking of the keywords and also helps people find you.  If you don’t include the keyword in your headline, how can people find you.  Hashtags are a great way to filter out the internet to find your 1000 true fans or your tribe.  Tribes is a great audiobook by Seth Godin and I have been playing short 1-2 minute clips for my followers on periscope @ronorr.

I put some time into 3 main articles about 7 years ago and I found out over the years that they kept sending me traffic and ranked well after enough back links.

Backlinks aren’t what they use to be.  I have found though that SEO is one of the few things online where it lasts for years, where as most postings and things you put out lasts for minutes.  So the reason to put out the content is to build relationships, but I have tested facebook for 7 years, I question how much that or twitter builds relationships, but I will say they are great marketing products.  Facebook is a great data and photo cloud sharing platform.

#hashtag #follow keyword headlines

I am going to start writing blog posts with a lot of my favorite hashtags for long-term growth.  I love the idea of evergreen content, evergreen hashtags, evergreen headlines.  Everyone is always going to want to know how to build a business faster.

How to get that adoption rate for more consumers and listeners.  People will always want to know the tips, tricks and short cuts.  I don’t know if the term growth hacking is still very mainstream, but it is fun to take organic marketing ideas to find short cuts and get more of an audience and build the followers.  To me it’s cool to have facebook fans and twitter followers, but actual people who watch you and talk to you on periscope is way cooler.

I think we are in the early days of periscope, so I would day start the relationships now with people because they can only handle so many.  A lot of research these days is talking about us only being able to handle 150 true friends.  This is that much more of a reason to use periscope and believe in the 1000 true fans theory.

I believe that you eventually want people to share your content over and over and that’s important for your business to grow.  There will be acquisition and attrition.  Thank you for following my hashtag and growth hacking blog articles.



Ron Orr

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