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#TagTribes on #Periscope Exploded with New Followers

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I added #TagTribes days ago

I just started putting #tagtribes in my periscope bio a few days ago and it exploded with over 120 new followers from our tribe.  @markshaw told me to do it and he is leading the tribe and he is so right about it.

People are putting #tagtribes in their periscope titles, it’s ending up as the conversation on twitter and it’s exploding and taking off.

Days ago it even passed #10x for a day or more now and many of you know that’s a very popular hashtag.  I’m having a blast on periscope and with 80 live viewers it’s growing very quickly.  I appreciate the support hearts, and comments from others.

I love to give them value and show them how to build their own team and tribe.  It’s time to carve out the internet.  Add it to your bio and watch others follow you.

Check out the conversation by searching #tagtribes on  This is how you build a tribe and a community together that supports each other with how dynamic and fast the internet is moving.

Explosive Crowdsourced hashtag community

I love to call the #tagtribes idea a crowd sourced hashtag community as we are all promoting the hashtag and helping each other out in that way plus keeping the conversation top of mind. This is really exploding this concept in a huge way.  By everyone promoting it in their headlines on periscope it helps get the word out and have others wonder what it is.

This is how you scale a company of of genius ideas like this.  Once I saw instant results over night while I was sleeping I was like I got to tell everyone else about this.

I love the growth hacking funnel where you learn to get referrals first, then later you monetize it and start to ask for money.  Allow it to grow first vs. just trying to pitch everyone you come across.

Their is an abundance of people and abundance of information and value to give to people.

We are a hashtag tribe to support each other

This tribe is here to support each other in every way and I have showed up on shows and Bob Doyle from the secret and @markshaw have followed me and Mark Shaw was nice enough to follow me, join onto my shows, comment on my shows, give me huge shot outs on his show talking about how I am just going nuts the first 48 hours in helping him build this to new levels.  I told him that I love Seth Godin’s tribes and I love headlines, and trust, connection, community, and we share so many thoughts in common it was a great alignment to join forces and help build this with him.  Right now I am teaching people to build a team and tribe and telling them that #growthhacking and headlines are a huge part of it as headlines seem to work on every platform. I just have to reconfirm on instagram and pinterest and then I know it works on about every major platform.  So study amazing headlines and you’ll see amazing results.  Headlines are about copywriting and it’s a huge thing.  In fact as I wrap up this blog post I have another blog post started on headlines right now that I am off to go start.



Ron Orr

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