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How to Write Killer Headlines what the others aren’t telling you

Headlines are the perimeter of the internet

David Ogilvy says it best about how the headlines gets just about everyone.  In fact I don’t think it’s ever been more true then it is today.  People have so many choices in where to invest their time and whether that next article or video is worth watching is often determined from the headline and if it resonates with people.

If you follow my facebook You will notice how much reach I get with my headlines.

I can start flat out with no traction and with some headlines watch it just explode.  I’ve done well with celebrity quotes or popular images and quotes that people identify with.  I’ve had such success reaching people with headlines I now use them on all platforms, and I look forward to really using them with periscope and the live viewers.

My goal is to take my headline swipe files and let you repurpose them to get a big audience on periscope.  I’ve already noticed that using #tagtribes in my headline has made a huge difference both in my periscope name and in my headlines when I go live on periscope.

Headlines carve out your audience

(For me updated in 2021 Minnesota home seller who sells as-is fast for a cash offer is my target audience)

When you work the perimeter of these platforms all over the internet you are using headlines to get people to jump in to read your article or listen or see your content.  You are carving the internet out to find your audience.  Then you bring them along the funnel or path that you wish to.

I prefer to get them live on the platform of periscope.  In this way I feel that I am seeing it first hand with the comments from others and learning what questions people need answered in the market place.

It’s great to have an opportunity to build relationships up over time and see people eye to eye.  It’s really a great platform and looks interesting also going forward.  I will do my best to blog about in the future as I learn it more.

The #blab lets you have up to 4 people on video chat at this time and that’s an advantage or a different experience that periscope isn’t yet offering.  With one tap it seemed easy to enter a blab, and the moderator has to accept you from my understanding of how I saw it briefly work.

Headlines syndicate and reach is what bring your audience to periscope live for you

By using platforms such as facebook, twitter, blogging, SEO, youtube and more you are carving out the internet, syndicating headlines and content and controlling the funnel in such a way where you get massive reach from all of the shares by using a growth hacking funnel based on ‘viral loop‘ priciples where the referrals and shares come before the revenue, this allows for you to grow your audience very high.

This is why tv shows can get so big as they have great headlines and content and viewership and then advertisers pay to reach all of those people.  I take this to focus on driving all of these people not to a lead capture page or a check out page, but instead to a live periscope broadcast where I look forward to them opening the headline, being on live, and watching me for the long run where I teach them lots of tips for building an audience and then they can invite viewers like they do, and the entire thing grows.

This is the full circle loop funnel and then you monetize it however you’d like.  This is why I love periscope because you have their attention.  It’s a live audience much like the radio.  I’ve been doing radio advertising for my periscope as well.  The goal is to get the reach, but also reach your target audience.  My target audience is someone who wants to build a team, or a group of people, but is pretty busy with other daily activities and the relationship and content that they want me to handle the top of the funnel and more of the automation and bigger numbers as that takes a lot of practice with technology and it’s popular platforms.



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