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Dr. Joe Dispenza Alignment Lifestyle

With Dr Joe Dispenza if you really want to understand your memories amd hack your brain, reword your brain and your past cycles of thinking, habits and emotions than Dr. Joe Dispenza is for you.

Joe aims to have you elevate above your analytical logical brain into an elevated emotion which allows you to create a new future from infinite possibilities from the quantum field. It’s very law of attraction like Abraham Hicks, with a science twist.

Also check out Gregg Braden known As the bridge between science and spirituality

You should also check out Bruce Lipton

You will eventually get more on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s frequency over the years. This was completely true with Abraham-Hicks

It’s important to note that our brain is electromagnetic with thoughts and we create about 60,000 thoughts per day. What’s more fascinating is that 90-98% of those thoughts are habitually as the day before. Joe is big on breaking the habits of your past thinking and becoming a new you in the future.

Joe mentioned in what the bleep do we know that I saw in about 2009, that our subconscious mind is influenced by 400 million bits of information per second whereas our conscious mind only focuses on 2000 per second.

Later you will realize it’s been filtered by the RAS (Reticular Activating System) this is the brains algorithm and where the science of law of attraction really begins.

If you don’t think you believe in the law of attraction yet… try this if I tell you to focus on red cars red cars red cars, will you notice more for the next hour? Yes because your RAS is on that frequency. You just have to think of how that compounds and influences your habits over time.

Just like the Facebook algorithm. Just like the movie the social dilemma. Just like you are the sum of the 5 friends that you hang around the most. It’s through osmosis.

If a warm cup of water is pressed up against 4 ice cups what happens, it’s elevated to cold. What if the environment is inside the freezer? Then it elevates faster. Solid, liquids gas. We are just frequencies and changing states of vibrations.

Remember 2000 of 400 million. It’s all filtering all the time. The goal is to be self-aware and catch yourself if your RAS gets on a lower frequency with money, relationships, health, etc. You are always hacking and rewiring your brain.

When you see a situation that may bother you change it to a broader perspective that makes you happier. This chemically changed your brain.

Follow Bruce Lipton to learn about this. Also you can follow Gregg Braden and Abraham (Esther) Hicks. Check out my Abraham-Hicks post here

Are you looking for a Free download of guided Meditation for walking. Here is that guided meditation to listen to click here

Here is Dr. Joe Dispenza’s YouTube channel click here

You must watch this video and interview on impact theory click here

Also you’ll want to understand how mental rehearsal works click here

My Reviews on Dr. Joe Dispenza is that he’s amazing, . I first heard of him in about 2009 watching what the bleep do we know. I recently saw him in heal. His backstory is amazing of how he overcame his injury.

His videos continue to evolve and his messaging gets more and more refined. The only person I listen to more with clarity is Abraham-Hicks. Joe gives that science perspective that our logical mind always wants.

I always see clips of his Workshops, events, and retreats and they look amazing and that people holistically heal with amazing testimonial stories and stories to share. I believe he’s been heavily marketing them 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Here is a list click here

I didn’t see a Wikipedia for Dr. Joe Dispenza, but here is a bio and about info for you to read at the bottom of those page

I love so many of Dr Joe Dispenza’s Quotes, so I want to share them below. What I want you to get out of his quotes and videos is you ate breaking the habits on your internal thinking and are able to create a future based on infinite possibilities.

Here are a couple top books from Dr. Joe Dispenza. Breaking the habit of being yourself is on audible and I haven’t had the chance to listen to it yet.

Becoming super natural is also on audible and I haven’t had a chance to listen to it yet

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