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Abraham Hicks Alignment Lifestyle

Who is Abraham Hicks? Esther is best known for law of attraction decades before the secret was released. She was in about 200,000 copies of the first release of the secret.

I’ve been following Abraham Hicks since about 2010 to 2012, I don’t remember. I first saw the secret in about 2009.

Whats interesting is that you can go from listening 10 minutes a month to 10 minutes a week to 1 hour a day over 8-10 years as you get more and more on her frequency and start to believe it more you will listen more because you will resist the wisdom less.

It doesn’t take up your time it feels timeless and resonates and you feel the momentum. is the website to go to for information. You can watch live stream workshops.

“Experience the leading-edge Teachings of Abraham
– 2 hours of questions and answers with Abraham
– Watch live or by replay at your convenience”

I watch Abraham-Hicks daily videos on just like you as they are ok every topic which I will link you to below.

Before covid I use to go to the Abraham-Hicks meetup on the meetup app in Edina, Minnesota near 50th and France and I met some great people there and we listen to Abraham-Hicks CD recordings. Click Here if you are from Minnesota and want to go to the next Abraham-Hicks meetup

Abraham Hicks has more Quotes that I remember than anyone else’s because they are so simple and carry so much clarity. I want to share some below about split energy (misalignment & contrast) and alignment.

The positive Rampage by Abraham is such a great demonstration of softening resistance. I didn’t understand the point of it for many years. It’s a way to shift from negative momentum to positive momentum and how to talk and do it yourself click here

Let’s listen to the guided Meditations in all areas of your life to improve into alignment below. You should notice a difference on a small level within 10 minutes, but you should build daily habits during the day or when you are sleeping to listen. I mean like 300 to 1000 hours of listening. The sooner you do the sooner you’ll be on that frequency.

Humans have about 60,000 thoughts per day and 90% to 98% are habitually the same as the day before. I believe it’s said that up to 80% are negative. So meditation and listening to this is very important. Also see my Dr. Joe Dispenza post.

Good Morning meditation check it out here when you first wake up. Get started with that positive momentum

How about a nice Financial well-being meditation to listen to to create abundance and wealth

Line up your Money with this great video on abundance and money alignment

Fine that frequency of unlimited Abundance and listen to it over and over

Have amazing Relationship by tapping into the feeling, listen to this

Find true Love and align with that feeling on this Abraham-Hicks audio

Here is a Well being meditation to listen to

Guided before you go to Sleep tonight check this out.

Abraham Hicks Breathing meditation listen to this often to build positive momentum

Abraham Hicks Guided Vortex meditation I hope you really enjoy this one.

Check out an audio on Affirmations by Abraham Hicks. Listen over and over and see how it works for you, click here

Abraham-Hicks Books on audible ask and it is given. Is a popular one that I’ve listened to and really enjoyed.

A lot of the popular trainings of Abraham include the years: 2015, 2016, 2016, 2017, 2018, but to me her messages are timeless and when she said them isn’t as important. She’s very clear and consistent with her message and has been fir nearly 4 decades.

Tour schedule for workshops, seminars and cruises. You can see the schedule on the main website page.

I’ve heard the Focus wheel mentioned a few times and my understanding is if you are in a lower frequency is to choose a focus and saying to get yourself into alignment and to practice a higher vibration. See a sample one below…

The Emotional grid by Abraham Hicks is really great to practice your thoughts and emotions and being self-aware on them to keep your positive momentum when you have negative momentum.

So if you were feeling Depression or fear you want to be self-aware about that and focus on moving up the scale. You want to bridge the gap.

You may not be able to leap to joy, appreciation, or gratitude for very long, so simply focus on moving up one of two spots and make an healing improvement in your vibration.

You can check out the law of attraction community amd quotes on Abraham-Hicks Facebook page

Check out Abraham-Hicks and her great quotes on Instagram

Check out Abraham-Hicks on her twitter feed

One audio that is very interesting that teaches you about intentional though of 17 seconds or more into 68 seconds makes you realize how many hours that you save with alignment of work from that super focus click to see it here

Abraham-Hicks 5 Steps and processes

  • Step 1: You Experience Contrast. …
  • Step 2: Source Answers Your Request and Creates Your Desire. …
  • Step 3: Align With The Vibration of Your Desire. …
  • Step 4: Maintain Your Alignment Consistently. …
  • Step 5: Appreciate The Contrast

You can check for Reviews on forums and Abraham Hicks and what’s working for everyone else.

“Everything is working out for me.” is one of the popular sayings that Abraham-Hicks has to keep positive momentum. It reminds me a lot of the quote “The entire universe is conspiring to give you everything that you want.”

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