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Puerto Rico Alignment Lifestyle with Airbnb Real Estate

I was in Puerto Rico in March of 2021 and I had a blast with up to 9 total real estate investors. I flew back to Minnesota on April 1st. I was there for 3 weeks.

We checked out Condado, Ocean Park, San Juan, Santurce, Miramar and more. The ocean and beach in the day time was great and the night life was great as well. Puerto Rico has so many tourists it’s quite a travel destination.

We visited the old San Juan island with a real estate agent for a little while and got to see the downtown area and the thin roads, old fort and la perla during the day. We didn’t end up shopping there. Right before there I visited near the hilton a couple of times near the Starbucks and shopping.

We stayed in Airbnb’s in Rincon and Cabo Rojo and then hotels when we were in Condado. It’s cool to try different experiences with Airbnb’s. Steve Brown will be managing many Airbnb properties in Puerto Rico reach out if you are selling or what any managed.

Puerto Rico is a top Vacations spot for many because of the ocean, beaches, nightlife and great experiences.

We took some photos with the Puerto Rico Flag at the beach at the ocean, many live to do that.

Right now there is a statehood movement to allow Puerto Rico to be a state check it out here

Above is a map of the Condado, sat or else, ocean park area where we drove and walked every day. The last 10 days I walked an average of 10 miles per day. There are plenty of things to do in Puerto Rico. To know what is Puerto Rico google a map to see the island In the ocean.

The Flight there was just over $300 and about 4 hours and 45 minutes from Bloomington Minnesota and it went pretty quickly. The Puerto Rico airport was more advanced than I thought it would be with plenty of restaurants.

You can watch the News in Puerto Rico. I’m not sure how accurate it is in the United States you really want to be there to see it in person.

A lot of investors are looking to live over 6 months in Puerto Rico for the favorable tax laws. As far as state, business and federal you should google them.

950 earthquakes hit Puerto Rico in 2020, but they are smaller ones

Almost 3.2 million Population in Puerto Rico and in my opinion there is a lot of wealth inequality.

If you need to use a bank while you are down there, there are banco popular and first banks e Etsy where at east in the main tourist areas near Condado and Santurce.

The Weather there was amazing 82-84 degrees every day and it rarely rained and when it did it was for about 3 minutes maybe 10 min. The weather was much more consistent than the 12 days I spent in Ft. Lauderdake in February just the month before.

Resorts, and hotels are everywhere as high rises to cater to all of the tourists, but during spring break they are all booked solid, so book early. Rental cars were booked out everywhere.

When you are traveling within the United States to Puerto Rico you do not need a Passport. People speak English and Spanish fluently down there.

San Juan, Puerto Rico is officially in the Atlantic Time Zone. San Juan, Puerto Rico does not observe daylight saving time.

We had no problem find Walmart’s everywhere on the island east to west. We found a two story one in Condado. The most common places were Burger kings and Churches chicken which it felt like we saw every 5-10 minutes.

Puerto Rico Is not a Country, Puerto Rico is a Caribbean island and unincorporated U.S. territory.

There were so many Beaches that we visited all with different personalities, some busy and some not so busy. The difference in crashing surfer waves vs. some had calm wanes that were barely waves at all. The beaches is one of the best parts of Puerto Rico.

I tried to find properties on Craigslist for Puerto Rico but found it to be a limiting experience with few properties near Condado, ocean park and Santurce for us to invest and buy for Airbnb rentals to cash flow. So I joined some Puerto Rico Facebook groups.

Clasificados online- I saw signs for this website everywhere, but I assumed it’s in Spanish and when I searched it online I found it hard to navigate.

We didn’t stop at any Home Depot or Best Buy’s while we were in Puerto Rico mostly Walmart’s everywhere.

Today the Governor removed curfews from the covid restrictions. It was midnight curfew when we were there, but most went home by 10 pm. The police presence there on motorcycles is intense to wear masks outside.

Hurricane Maria, which made landfall as a Category 5 in September 2017, was immediately regarded as the worst natural disaster ever recorded in Puerto Rico.

As a Currency we used the US dollars and currency and it worked great. Some items at the grocery store were 30% + more, but beef steaks I felt were 30%+ less. We went to Walmart, super max and economart for our grocery shopping. In Cabo rojo amd rincon we had to drive 10 min usually to get to a real grocery store.

The Capitol of Puerto Rico (Spanish: Capitolio de Puerto Rico) is located on the Islet of San Juan just outside the walls of Old San Juan.

Since I left Puerto Rico I’ve been saving searches and getting updates from Zillow for houses for sale and for rent, always looking for great cash flow and Airbnb opportunities near the ocean in some of our favorite cities mentioned above.

We had plenty of places to eat Food from groceries to fast food to better dining experiences.

You could eat on the patio and watch the waves in the warm 82 degree temperatures, have an ice cream cone, or grab something simple from the street vendors. The food was pretty affordable.

Let me know if you own a property in those areas in Condado or near it like ocean park, San Juan, Miramar, or santurce.

If you want to retire and sell for cash or owner finance terms my investor friends may be interested in buying your property. Right now they are investing in Minnesota. Please read my article below.

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