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Gregg Braden divine matrix and the law of attraction

Gregg Braden divine matrix and the law of attraction

I highly recommend listening to videos by Gregg Braden as he discusses heartmath , the divine matrix and the law of attraction and how our thoughts and emotions affect the world around us.

Check out this divine matrix video right here

You can buy many of Gregg Bradens books on Amazon…

You will often see Gregg Braden hanging around Dr. Joe Dispenza and Dr. Bruce Lipton, also known as the three amigos and into beliefs and into biology, thoughts, emotions and the law of attraction.

They are very into epigenetics, cells and habits. They are also seen in the excellent movie Heal I watched it when it use to be on Netflix. I saw it 3 times

Here is Gregg Braden website

I started listening to Gregg in about 2011 I’d guess, and more in the beginning than Dr. Joe Dispenza and Bruce Lipton. He’s very well versed in what he knows and speaks with a lot of clarity.

Learn about Gregg Bradens events here

Gregg is known for the bridge between science and spirituality. He has studied a lot of ancient teachings. You can read his wiki bio here

The Gaia series of missing links check out a preview video here

Here is Gregg Braden YouTube channel with plenty of videos

You should check out his video on heartmath

Here is a Gregg Braden pdf

Here are some Gregg Braden Quotes

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