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Dr. Bruce Lipton, Perception and the Biology of Belief

Who is Dr. Bruce Lipton? here is a Wikipedia bio of who he is. Well known for epigenetics.

Here are a few of Dr. Bruce Lipton’s phd’s Books

The biology of belief, spontaneous evolution, the honeymoon effect

You can see videos on Bruce Lipton YouTube channel here

Biology of belief pdf here it is

Here is a video on Meditation

Here are some Bruce Lipton Quotes, even a definition on epigenetics

Here is Bruce Lipton’s website

Energy psychology… rewrite the programming in your mind

Psych k is something that Dr. Brice Lipton is known for see the video here

The way Dr. Bruce Lipton talks about the subconscious mind and cells relates very much to our programming and the Law of attraction. Also you should check out Dr. Joe Dispenza and Gregg Braden

Watch one of the London real episodes with Bruce Lipton it’s very good. The way he talks about our minds programming, often since we were young.

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