Month: November 2017

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Why I invest in SEO, Video & Social Media

I decided to create a longer video of why I like to invest in SEO, Video, and social media. In the video I...


Long-term strategy in an ever-changing world

In today’s world things are changing pretty quickly, especially technology. This means new tactics that you have to keep learning and you are...


Marketing analytics, stats, and metrics

I thought I’d do a video on marketing analytics, data, stats, metrics and more. I’ve been reviewing the google analytics dashboard the last...


How to use video to leverage time to make money in your business

I created a 10+ minute video for you to watch on how to utilize video to best leverage your time for education and...


Will bitcoin use all electricity by 2020?

I read this article the other day with a similar headline. Does that make bitcoin very scalable in nature? Below I will share...


Infinite Consciousness Infinite Faith/Beliefs Infinite Heart/Love Infinite Mirror/Patterns Infinite God/Universe Infinite Matrix/Hologram/Simulation

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